Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1&1 makes 1.99

If I were to say to you "1&1 makes 1.99", would you respond:

(A) Well, I see at least one child was left behind.

(B) Dude, change the battery in your calculator already.

(C) You thought you were soooo smart buying that old slide rule at a garage sale.

(D) That's the best deal I've heard in ages. Sign me up NOW.

Time's up! If you answered (D), you recognize the greatest bargain in hosting that's come around in ages. Let's analyze the formula and see why.

First of all, 1&1 isn't a math problem this time. It's the name of perhaps the most innovative Web hosting service going. Headquartered in Montabaur, Germany, 1&1 is a subsidiary of United Internet and now the world's largest Web hosting company. Their new U.S. data center in Lenexa, KS has 5 server rooms in 55,000 square feet with 20 Gbps of connectivity.

So, what's so innovative about a big honkin' Web hosting company? That's where the 1.99 comes in. It's actually $1.99, the price you'll pay per month for entry level hosting service on 1&1 for the first 3 months. Then it's just $3.99 a month.

Oh, but that's got to be some cheap-charley product that's about as useful as the "personal" Web space they give you with a DSL or Cable broadband service, right? Au Contraire, mon ami (French for wrong-o, pal). This is the starter package in the realm of professional hosting services. Look at all you get for your measly starting $1.99:

1. You get a domain with your account and they pay for it. Not some cheesy ISP related domain, either. This is a real professional grade domain name the you pick with the TLD of .com, .net, .org, .info or .biz. As long as you keep your account active, 1&1 pays for the domain registration and renewal. That could be worth $8 to $20 a year all by itself, depending on where you buy your domain names now.

2. To host your domain, you get 10 GB of storage and a monthly transfer allotment of 300 GB. Once you've exceeded these limits, you've got a major online business going and should be embarrassed that you're only being charged $3.99 a month. Upgrade to the 1&1 Business account if you need more space or bandwidth. If not, avoid further embarrassment by telling business associates that you're actually paying $99 a month and that it's a steal at that price.

3. To communicate with customers and others, you get 600 e-mail accounts with 2 GB of mailbox space. IMAP and POP clients are supported. Plus you get Webmail access and spam filtering. You'll come to worship that hosted Symantec spam filtering when you've got 600 e-mail accounts active.

4. Big business ambitions but no site building skills? No problem. With your account you get the 1&1 WebsiteBuilder. This easy to use tool lets you build a professional looking Website in minutes. You also get an online photo gallery and a blog to round out your Web package.

Oh, wait, did I say something wrong? I see. It's just that you've been paying over thirty bucks a month for a very similar service to get your business online. That's happened to a lot of people who haven't heard of 1&1. But now that you know better, how about switching to the 1&1 Beginner or Business accounts that have special introductory pricing right now? This deal may not last much longer, so time is of the essence.

I should mention that there are actually four featured hosting packages from Beginner to Developer and that you have your choice of Linux or Microsoft hosting. There are also e-commerce and business solution features as extras, and you can even upgrade to dedicated servers when you need the horsepower. The special offers require a 12 month commitment, but you do get a 90 day satisfaction guarantee and free 24/7 support by phone and e-mail. Well, don't just sit there watching me carry on. Visit 1&1 Internet Inc. now and get all the details for yourself.

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