Friday, September 19, 2008

Phone Power... To The People

Enterprise VoIP and broadband phone service for residential users is busily chipping away at the hundred year old switched telephone industry. But what makes the tried and true approach vulnerable? Prices!

Traditional telephony is set up on a tariff basis that nickels and dimes you for every little thing. First you pay a line cost. Then there's local phone service. Long distance is extra with charges for every minute called. Features such as Caller-ID are add-on extras. They even want to charge you a monthly fee for servicing the wires in your home or building, just in case some crazed rodent decides to have copper for breakfast. Is it no wonder your eyes bug out when your phone bill arrives?

Large corporations caught on to this game a long time ago and have been steadily upgrading their facilities with in-house VoIP telephone handsets and IP PBX phone systems connected to competitive ISDN PRI or SIP Trunking digital service providers. Smaller businesses and home phone users are headed the same direction. Except that they need something much smaller in both scale and price.

Broadband telephone service allows new highly competitive telephone companies to vie for your business even though they don't own the copper telephone wires that are so jealously guarded by the incumbent phone companies. How to they get around that monopoly? They piggyback on the broadband Internet service that just about everyone has these days.

Phone Power is one of these new generation telephone service providers that has something attractive for both home and business users. Residential plans start at $14.95 a month with a special introductory offer of $9.99 a month for 3 months available as of this writing. That low price gives you 500 minutes of long distance per month plus Caller ID, voice mail and other highly desirable features. I counted 26 of them on the list and they're all included in the basic price. Need more minutes? Low cost upgrades are available.

Phone Power's business service is even more intriguing. It's a virtual PBX system that you order by the line. Each line is $39.95 a month. Start with one or two. Add more as your business grows. You get big company features such as an auto attendant (electronic operator) and hunt groups to tie your phones together. Seems like a great way for small businesses, even home based businesses, to get started with a professional grade phone service.

In addition to low cost local and long distance, international calling rates are also very attractive with this service. Have a look at what Phone Power has to offer.

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