Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dirt Cheap Toll Free Numbers

You'd know that you'd have more business opportunities if prospective customers could phone you from anywhere without having to pay for the call. It would be even better if you could just print one toll free number on your business card and put it in your advertisements. Clients could then reach you regardless of whether you happened to be in the office or on the go. But who wants to pay a bundle every month for that service? Especially when money's tight? Well, you don't have to. Instead get yourself a dirt cheap toll free number.

So what does dirt cheap mean? You know that hosted PBX services with toll free numbers can run you $20 or $30 a month. Some forwarded toll free numbers cost this much or more. But why pay that much when you can get a full-featured toll free number for just $2 set up and $2 a month plus the cost of calls.

Don't be fooled by offers that include a number of minutes with your service. You'll pay through the nose for those minutes. Plus there could be long periods when nobody calls. You may be better off just paying 6.9 cents per minute for the time that callers actually use. That rate applies to calls from the 48 contiguous United States plus Canada. There is an additional 7 cent per minute surcharge for calls that originate from Alaska or Hawaii.

But what does full featured mean? You get to assign your toll free number to ring to whatever phone you happen to be at. That can be your office desk phone or your cell phone or some other phone you happen to be near on the road. Best of all, you can change that ring-to number any time you want by simply logging on to your own control panel online.

What if you can't take your call right away? Voice mail is included, of course. But this isn't just any voice mail. In addition to recording your caller's comments, this voice mail system will send you an email with an audio file attachment of the caller's message.

How about FAXes? Your toll free number will also receive fax messages and then send them to you as email attachments. No matter where you happen to be, you can simply check your email on a PC and get your faxes and voice mail messages. That's all included in the same pricing. No extra charge.

This dirt cheap full featured toll free number also lets you conduct conference calls, block areas that you don't want calls from, and have your Caller ID display either the caller's number or your toll free number. Just set these features the way you want them using your online account management.

All this for two bucks a month? Yes. Plus a $2 set up charge for each 888, 877, or 866 number you want. Vanity or 800 numbers are a bit more. These rates are so low that some businesses have lots of different toll free numbers so they can track their advertising or direct specific numbers to specific employees. Learn lots more about these dirt cheap toll free numbers and order yours for instant use.

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