Thursday, November 06, 2008

Just the Tech Jobs, Please

Nervous about your job in this shaky economy? Just want to be looking around in case... gulp... the worst happens? Or perhaps you're an employer who wants to selectively, very selectively, add talent that's a perfect match to a specific need. In either case, you don't want to be fooling around with general job sites overcrowded with everybody and every job under the sun. What you want is just tech jobs from JustTechJobs.

JustTechJobs is an IT centric job search portal that is what it says: just tech jobs. When you visit their site, your eye will be immediately drawn to the list of recent tech job listings in the left column. I just took a look and noticed a few striking things right off the bat. First of all, every job on the home page was posted in just the last day or so. There were over 30 separate listings from all over the United States. Some typical job titles include "Mid-Level JAVA Developer", "Web Graphic Designer", "Lotus Notes Administrator", "Data Center Operations - Technician", "Marketing Manager", "Technical Writer", "Project Manager" and "Network Administrator."

If you don't see what you want right off the bat, use the search box to enter job title, keywords, or company name. You can do a search of the entire U.S. or target a particular state. An advanced search feature lets you limit the search to as little as 10 miles from a particular zip code. You can also specify the freshness of postings updated within only the last day up to 90 days, or all of them. Check boxes let you specify full time, part time or freelance/temporary positions.

As a job seeker, you don't need an account to search the listings on JustTechJobs. But if you do register you get additional features, such as email alerts when the job you're looking for is posted on the site. There are also RSS feeds available for jobs, by specialty or by location.

For employers, JustTechJobs offers a low cost 30 day posting with discounts for multiple job listings. Jobs are listed chronologically, so as soon as you get your listing online it pops to the top of the list. You can also make your job a "featured job" for an additional fee so that it appears on the homepage at the top of the listings for an entire week. You'll be able to edit your listing at will, so you can adjust the wording based on the response you're getting from candidates.

Do you need an edge in the job market as a potential employee or employer? If so, then take a couple of minutes and take a look at JustTechJobs - Connecting IT's Best.

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