Monday, December 29, 2008

Get a Consumer Advocate On Your Side

We know that consumer advocates are valuable in representing the voice of customers to business. But what about an advocate for businesses? Could your business make good use of a consumer advocate? You can when you consider that you're a consumer too.

The fact is that businesses are purchasers of goods and services just like individuals. Depending on the size of your business, you may have little more leverage than an individual when dealing with much larger suppliers. So doesn't it make sense to even up the odds with a little more help on your side?

A perfect example of what I mean is the consumer advocacy aspect of working through a telecommunications broker rather than going it alone in dealing with the big carriers. Even a mid-size business has limited leverage when dealing with billion dollar corporations, especially when they know they have the upper hand.

How do they know that? Just as soon as they find out that you found them in the phone book or simply called the incumbent local carrier out of habit, they know. What they know is that the chances of encountering any stiff competition for your business is slim indeed. They don't need to try very hard. All they need to do is find out what services you need, look up their standard pricing and send out a quote. You may or may not get a small discount if you are buying several services at once.

What can you do to tilt the balance of negotiations in your favor? Let's consider a telecommunications broker like Telarus, Inc. in their consumer advocate role. You start by entering an online quote request, which takes a couple of minutes at most. The patented GeoQuote (tm) search engine then automatically queries the databases of perhaps a dozen or more competitive carriers and compiles a list of available services that meet your need and their prices. Calling around to do the same things could take days... if you even knew all the carriers to call.

But it doesn't stop there. Your consumer advocate swings into action to locate temporary special offers and recommend alternative services, such as Ethernet over Copper, that you may not have even thought of. You won't have to slug it out in contract negotiations. Your advocate will work with the carriers that best meet your requirements to get the best deal for you.

How much does such an advocate charge? Nothing. Seriously. If you own or manage a business, not a residence, that uses commercial telecom services such as PBX phone service, dedicated Internet connections, or a private network, your Telarus advocate works for you free of charge. Their fees are paid by the carriers they represent.

Wouldn't you rather be working through an advocate who represents many providers rather than a sales rep for just one? Don't you think that your advocate can get you a better deal than you can find on your own? I would think so. If you agree, call the toll free number or enter an online quote request now and get a consumer advocate on your side right away.

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