Tuesday, January 13, 2009

International Cell Phone Calls for Pennies

How would you like to be able to call the world from your cell phone for rates as low as 2 cents per minute?

What? Impossible! No, it USED to be impossible. Now there's a new add-on service for cell phone users that enable you to make calls from the USA and Canada to overseas locations and pay international rates as low as 2 cents a minute.

Here are some actual per minute rates for calls placed right now. Calls to China are 2.36 cents per minute. That's right, China. Remember when you shelled out a buck a minute or more for those calls. Oh, you still do? Well, then get the TEL3AdvantageMobile Plan right now before you make another call. Are you paying more than 10.49 cents a minute to call India? 2.64 cents a minute to call Mexico City? 2.4 cents a minute to call Paris? How about 6 cents a minute to call Tokyo? If so, don't you dare spend another penny on phone calls until you sign up for the TEL3AdvantageMobile Plan.

But what about your current wireless service plan? For local and domestic long distance calls just keep using it the way you have been. It's those international rates from the cellular carriers that will kill your budget. This service doesn't interfere with your wireless services. It adds to them. You only use TEL3AdvantageMobile when you want to make international phone calls and save up to 80% of the cost. Now, isn't that EVERY time you make an international call?

But can't you just get one of those cheapo pre-paid calling cards and do the same thing? Cheapo? That's what they want you to think. There's nothing cheap about their rates once you've factored in all the usage and inactivity fees they hit you with. You might see some cheap rate printed on the front of the card to entice you buy it. But then you find you don't get nearly the advertised number of minutes that you think you are paying for. There's all sorts of hidden gotchas in print so small you need a magnifying glass to read.

The TEL3AdvantageMobile plan is genuinely low cost. Plus it's a lot more convenient than using a calling card. This advanced service offers a free software download for your cell phone. With it, you can quickly make calls without having to search for access numbers or enter those incredibly long access codes. What a pain! TEL3AdvantageMobile automates all that so all you have to do is make your calls and save a bundle in the process.

If this sounds like the kind of rates you get with a VoIP service but on your mobile phone, you're partially right. But TEL3AdvantageMobile doesn't suffer from the voice quality problems that plague many VoIP services, especially when your broadband service bogs down. Call quality is excellent and there's no cord or broadband connection needed with TEL3AdvantageMobile.

Did I happen to mention the bonus minutes for signing up? Yes, you can get up to $10 in free minutes added to your account when you sign up for a TEL3AdvantageMobile account. This special offer may not last forever, so take advantage of the free minutes special to learn more and sign up for TEL3AdvantageMobile now.

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