Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Post Paid Calling Card Advantage

You’re familiar with prepaid calling cards. The almost jump off the rack at you when you walk by them at the convenience store. But there is a type of calling card that is even more convenient than the ubiquitous prepaid card. It can also save you money on your domestic and international calls. Meet the the postpaid calling card.

As you might guess, post pay is the opposite of prepay. You plunk down $10 or $20 for a prepaid calling card and are given a certain number of minutes to a particular country. The higher the rate for calls to that country, the fewer minutes you’ll get. You also pay service fees, connection fees and minimum call fees. That means that the number of minutes you are buying is a maximum, not a guaranteed number.

Now let’s take a look at the postpaid service from FourVoice. The postpaid calling card operates on a pay as you go basis. You don’t buy your minutes up front. Instead, you sign-up with a credit card and declare a monthly limit for your card. In months that you make calls, you are billed the per minute rate appropriate for where you are calling from and where you are calling to. You also get charged a $1 billing fee. In months that you don’t make any calls, there’s no bill and no charges at all.

That makes FourVoice perfect for both casual calling card users. Don’t you wish you had the option of making really low rate phone long distance calls from hotels or other phones that you don’t own? You can with FourVoice. Just keep the access number and your pin number handy and use the service when you need to. In months that you never need to make a call, you don’t pay a cent.

But how about for regular use? How good are those rates? Just dial one of the many local access numbers available in the US and you’ll pay just 1.9 cents per minute to call other numbers in the US and Canada. That’s probably lower than your current landline long distance service. If no local access number is available or you just want to call the toll free access number, the rate is 4.9 cents per minute. That’s still a bargain.

But there are also excellent rates to other countries. Use the local access number and you can call London, Berlin, Paris, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, or Beijing for that same 1.9 cents per minute. Calls to Japan are 4.9 cents per minute. FourVoice estimates you can save up to 50% on international calls by using their service instead of your usual long distance calling service.

That’s great if you happen to be located in the US. But what happens when you are overseas? The rates are still excellent. There are local access numbers in 24 countries that will let you call other destinations worldwide for just pennies a minute.

So, the FourVoice postpaid calling card charges you for the calls you make and doesn’t require you to pay for minutes up front. There are no connection fees or hidden fees. You only pay a small $1 billing fee in months that you use the service. To top it off, the rates are as good as you’ll find with prepaid calling cards, especially when you factor in how many minutes you lose to the connection charges and service fees of prepaid calling cards.

Does this sound like a service that will save you money? If so, get more details, check rates and order your FourVoice postpaid international calling card quickly and easily online.

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