Tuesday, December 08, 2009

FlexTelONE Offers Four Calling Services in One

Here’s an international calling service that combines four different calling services into a single account that you can easily manage online, while saving money in the process.

FlexTelONE bundles calling card, conference calling dial around and a follow me locator service. Lets have a look at the features and benefits of each of these services.

The calling card offers both US and international origination, a feature that’s especially important to international callers. The rate is just 5.9 cents per minute for all US domestic calls and 8.9 cents per minute for calls from Canada. You can also access the calling card system from over 50 countries with much lower rates that you’ll pay if you simply use a hotel’s long distance service. You register your phone for calls within North America and the system will automatically enter your 14 digit calling card pin for you. Why, it’s almost as easy as just picking up the phone you have now and dialing “1.” The difference is that your cost per minute on those long distance and international calls will be lower.

The conference calling feature allow you to host conferences with both domestic and international participants. No reservations are needed. The system is available 24 hours a day so you can work with time differences around the world. You can call in for direct access at 4.9 cents per minute or use the US toll free access at 8.9 cents per minute or 9.9 cents for Canada. With the classic domestic bridge, you can have up to 16 lines where everyone dials into the conference. With the enhanced international conference, you can have up to 30 lines where you dial out to include international participants at rates depending on the origination country.

FlexTelOne service also works as a dial-around long distance service from any phone. That means you don’t have to change your current long distance service provider. Instead, you simply dial a FlexTelONE access number when you want to use the service, enter the international number you wish to call and enjoy lower rates than with your current provider. This service works form a home or business landline and you can also use a cell phone to make those international calls.

The follow me locator service offers a simple traveler’s call forwarding to wherever you happen to be. The calling party that wishes to locate you must access the system from North America. But you can be located at any valid domestic or international number.

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