Friday, February 26, 2010

Prepaid Cell Phones Are Cheap

Do you feel yourself getting faint when it comes time to sign-up for a 2 year cell phone contract. Sure, they’ll give you a free phone or offer a big discount on the latest technology smartphone. But then comes the heartburn of facing up to a service plan that can run into thousands of dollars before you can escape. You don’t want that. Maybe you’re even getting by without a cellphone just to dodge that financial commitment. Well, here’s another option -- pay only for what you need when you need it.

Pay as you go cellular service for 10 cents a minute.Now you can have a cell phone and know exactly how much you’ll pay, without ever getting one of those killer overage bills. With Net10, it’s a real simple calculation. You pay 10 cents a minute for local, long distance, or roaming. It’s not a fixed amount of minutes every month that you use or lose. You talk 10 minutes, you pay a buck. That’s it. You can yap to your heart’s content or hold it down to just the necessary calls. You’ve got complete control of your cell phone bill with Net10.

You can’t get dinged with overage fees on the Net10 plan, because they don’t allow it. With Net10, you buy your minutes up-front. Then you use them down until you need more. Sure, you can run out of minutes during a busy month. But the solution is easy. Just buy some more. You can buy them online, at all sorts of retail stores, and by calling a special toll free number. You’ll always know where you stand, because the special Net10 cell phones display your exact airtime balance and remind you when you need to add minutes.

Now isn’t that better than forking over $30, $60, or even $100 a month just to make sure you have enough minutes? Most months you’re probably paying for service that you don’t use. That’s the way traditional cellular plans are structured. With pay-as-you-go cellular service, the minutes you don’t use automatically carry over to the next month. All you need to do is to keep the service active. That means you do have to add minutes from time to time, but you get the use of all those minutes. You have the option to buy these airtime minutes in packages that are good for anywhere from 30 days to 2 years of service. If you want, you can set up a monthly plan to automatically add time to your account and keep it active. But you won’t ever have to sign a contract or make a commitment for how long you are going to keep using your phone.

That’s another advantage of Net10 service. If you will only be in the U.S. for a limited time, going to school or for a job, you can buy airtime while you are here and just not renew when you go back to your home country. Your service will expire without any additional charges. You’ll never get a bill for ongoing service or a disconnection fee. Remember, it’s pay as you go.

Sounds good for making phone calls, but what about texting? Text messages are 5 cents each. Your voice calls are 10 cents a minute. Simple, right?

OK, but what about these special phones? They aren’t old lame models, are they? No way. Net 10 has a variety of up to date cell phones to meet your needs. They range form the Motorola W375G flip phone with digital camera to the Samsung T401G with a slide out QWERTY keyboard for texting, to all sorts of models by Motorola, LG, Nokia, Kyhocera, and samsung that includes such handy features as speakerphones, downloadable ringtones and graphics, and Bluetooth wireless capability.

No, you won’t find any 3G wireless smartphones in this collection. Net10 is basic cellular service for the 90% of people who simply want to talk and text without paying a fortune or getting stuck in an unbreakable contract. There are no credit checks on this service, so you won’t be humiliated by some bureaucrat denying you service because they don’t like your credit score. You don’t need that abuse, so why put up with it? Get the cellular service YOU control by ordering Net10 wireless service and low cost cell phones.

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