Friday, May 21, 2010

You’re Not Throwing Out That Cell Phone, Are You?

You’re not really going to throw out that cell phone, are you? In THIS economy? That’s just nuts. Yeah, the contract is expired and you can’t make calls any more. But that’s a wad of bills in your hand there. You wouldn’t throw a handful of cash in the garbage would you? Well, then, don’t toss that moola just because it still looks like a cell phone.

Relax with all that cash you got from your old electronics. Every year, millions of dollars are hauled off by trash trucks just because people don’t realize that their old cell phones and other electronic gadgets have cash value. Those who suspect that their phone might still be worth something are put off by the thought of having to run a classified ad and deal with people coming to the door, or having to take pictures and write up an auction listing. It seems like too much work for too little money, and it often is. But what if you could drop your old mobile into a prepaid mailer and just send it on its way? It that still too much like work?

The other thing you need to know is that some cell phones, especially smartphones, can be worth a pretty penny. How would you like to open your mailbox and find a check for $100 or more? It could happen. Not all cell phones are worth premium prices, but even if you only get $5, $10 or $20, that’s still a nice chunk of change for a few minutes effort.

Interested? I thought so. Here’s what you do for the next 5 minutes. Check the value of your old cell phone by running a quick search at an online recycler. You’ll get an excellent idea of what it’s really worth by finding the exact make and model, selecting the condition and what accessories you still have available, and clicking the “calculate” button. You’ll find out instantly what they’ll pay you. If you like the answer, request a prepaid mailing box. When it comes, you pack up your phone and accessories, seal the box and drop it in the mail. Away it goes. Once the condition of your phone has been verified, you’ll get a check by return mail quicker than you think.

If it got any easier, that phone would turn itself in for the bounty. What? You got your phone free because you bought it online? Keep that to yourself. You can still get cash for your old cell phone even if you never paid any in the first place. Just look it up and send it in.

While you are at it, check and see if you might have other electronic gadgets that still have cash value. These include video games and gaming consoles, GPS devices, MP3 players, digital cameras and camera lenses, camcorders, Blu-ray players, home audio, projectors, streaming media, external disk drives, PDA laptop and desktop computers, satellite radios, calculators and even movies. That’s a lot of categories. I’ll bet you have some of this stuff hiding in drawers or the basement right now. Wouldn’t you rather have the money before the value of these items drains away completely?

I suspect that once you discover the hidden value of your old electronics, you’ll go on a de-junking spree to get the most money you can. As a side benefit, you’ll have lots of extra space available for your next acquisitions.

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