Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Windstream’s Enterprise Level Managed Security

The larger your organization, the more important network security becomes. You have more assets to protect, there are more nodes where something hostile can enter, the consequences affect more users, and you may be under stricter scrutiny from regulating agencies. Examples are HIPAA in the medical field and PCI DSS for financial transactions.

Managed security can keep intruders out of your network cost effectively.The simplistic firewall solutions that work fine for individuals, small organizations and even some medium size companies are just not sized for organizations with hundreds or thousands of users. They may not be robust enough to meet the threats, either. While some large organizations build an in-house security staff and effectively manage their own network security, others are finding that buying a managed security service is more cost effective.

Managed security for large and enterprise level organizations is a specialty of Windstream. Known as a provider of broadband Internet, phone services and digital television with millions of customers in 23 states, Windstream Communications also offers a wide range of IP-based voice and data services to business and government agencies. They’ve got the scale and expertise to meet the expectations of larger companies. Their newly expanded managed security service for enterprise businesses is well worth a look if your operation has outgrown its network security solution or if you are considering options to cut expenses.

Windstream’s security solution is fully managed and monitored around the clock. They’ve partnered with Fortinet, an acknowledged leader in unified threat management, to offer a highly robust security service. Since Windstream can now provide both the WAN bandwidth and security, they are in a prime position to be able to protect your organization from network intruders.

What do you get with Windstream managed network security? It’s a suite of service that include firewalls, antivirus protection and intrusion detection. Application intelligence detects and prevents malicious traffic gaining network access. You’ll have protection against the nearly continuous onslaught of viruses, worms and phishing attacks that are a fact of life with computer networking. Site to site Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections are IPSec encrypted. Remote access VPN and remote desktop options are available. Secure WiFi options are also available, as more and more companies are including wireless access points. Web content filtering is also included to protect employees from objectionable Web content.

Do you have a need to meet or exceed industry compliance standards such as HIPAA and PCI DSS? Windstream has a managed solution that will ease the burden of this.

If your organization has a need for large scale and robust network security and you like to let an expert service provider hand this for you, or you just want to see if managed security makes more economic sense than doing it in-house, then you should take a few minutes to put in a request for pricing and consultation from our Telarus consultants. It costs you nothing and could be a big money saver as well as offering peace of mind.

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