Monday, May 09, 2005

T3 Internet

Dedicated Internet service gives you a private high speed line from your company to the Internet. This is important because many always-on Internet connections have a bandwidth that varies widely depending on how many other users are sharing the service. That's right. DSL, cable and wireless Internet services are priced based on statistical multiplexing. In other words, they are sold to many more users than would be able to get a broadband connection if they were all on at the same time. This is called oversubscription.

So, wait a second. You've got broadband but it really isn't broadband? Actually, you probably will get something of a broadband connection much of the time. But it's not guaranteed. The statistical part of the statistical multiplexing is based on the fact that, statistically speaking, everyone isn't uploading or downloading at the same time.

You'll likely take advantage of this phenomena in your own company. Look around. How many people are actively typing on their computers at the same time? How many are even at their desk? You don't need to allocate a Mbps full time for each employee. If you've got a dozen to maybe two dozen people who need internet access, a T1 line at 1.5 Mbps might be all you need. At any given time, a user might think they have the line all to themselves. That may well be true for the fraction of a second they are loading a new page.

The reason you want dedicated Internet access is that YOU want to be able to control your bandwidth usage. That dedicated line may also be used for a web site server and an email server. Overnight, when everybody is gone, the entire bandwidth can be used for offsite backup of computer files. In a pinch you can commandeer the line or a given amount of bandwidth for a particular need, such as downloading engineering drawings to a supplier. It's also essential to manage your bandwidth if you are using VoIP telephone in place of standard switched telephone service.

When T1 Internet access isn't adequate, T3 Internet will give you a massive jump in available bandwidth. T3 line speed is 45 Mbps. That's fast enough to be the backbone for many smaller Internet Service Providers. It's also adequate as the Internet service for companies with hundreds to maybe a thousand employees. For smaller operations, T3 Internet will give you the ability to run hosted VoIP service, perform faster backups and disaster recovery, host video conferences with full motion, rapidly transmit large engineering files or some combination of these.

T3 Internet may be referred to as DS3 Internet service. That's because DS3 is the digital signal level that runs on a T3 line. DS3 may also be delivered via fiber optic cable rather than coaxial copper cable.

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