Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Motorola RAZR V3c Razor Special For Verizon

The hot Motorola RAZR "Razor" phone has received a major upgrade in the form of the RAZR V3c for Verizon Wireless service. It's the same half-inch thin aluminum shell with the signature feather-touch precision crafted keypad. What's new and exciting is an upgraded digital camera and on-demand video downloads via VCAST. You can get the original razor or even the improved V3c on other carriers. But if you want VCAST for on-demand video and music, you can only get it with Verizon Wireless service.

This is the RAZR upgrade that takes advanced cell phone technology to a new level. First is the improved digital camera that now offers 1.3 Megapixels with 4x digital zoom. That's more than enough resolution for picture messaging and good enough to get decent prints. You can also shoot your own short video clips with this camera.

Another great media feature is a built-in MP3 music player that lets you take a few of your favorite tunes with you. More dramatically, you can watch and listen to music videos on demand using VCAST. Verizon's VCAST runs on Verizon's EV-DO broadband cellular network that is available in major cities nationwide. This high speed network makes it possible to get news, sports, weather and entertainment right on your cell phone. Watch the latest news updates as they occur, sports highlights from the big game, weather reports of incoming storms, and entertainment shows to keep you amused. All this while you're stuck in traffic or waiting for an appointment. Add VCAST to your Verizon Wireless voice plan and you're enabled for video on demand.

The RAZR V3c multimedia phone has lots more to offer. Talk hands-free using the built-in speakerphone or slip a Bluetooth headset on your ear for privacy and no dangling cords. Voice activated dialing lets you speak a name in the phonebook without having to pre-train the phone. Of course, graphics and ringtones are customizable and you have lots of cool games to choose from.

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