Monday, January 21, 2008

Toshiba Strata CIX Does SIP Trunking

The standard telephone line connection for PBX business phone systems has evolved from multiple analog telephone lines to T1 and T1 PRI digital trunks. Since Enterprise VoIP became popular, an all-IP trunking option called SIP Trunking has also emerged and is being supported by more and more carriers. With SIP trunking, there is no need to terminate IP PBX phone calls back to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) in-house. Instead, the SIP Trunk carries voice and Internet data packets to a service provider who does the termination. Economy of scale allows SIP Trunking services to offer lower cost voice and data connections.

Toshiba is embracing this technology change in its Strata CIX IP Business Communication Systems. They've integrated SIP trunking support into this product line so that a separate VoIP gateway is not needed. The SIP trunk, usually a private point to point T1 data line, connects to the IP PBX through an MIPU interface card. The far end of the connection is hosted by the SIP service provider who manages QoS or quality of service so that voice packets get priority over data packets.

SIP trunking is a rapidly growing service that may one day completely replace the traditional PSTN and its SS7 switching system. SIP trunking providers can today offer direct IP to IP phone connections to their customers, bypassing the PSTN termination process and its attendant costs entirely. If enough companies and individuals connected to the same VoIP provider or if VoIP service providers provided low cost peering, most calls might just stay in the IP domain. Private networks such as SIP trunks have the ability to maintain call quality, a problem when trying to use the public Internet as a voice trunking service.

Toshiba's Strata CIX product line comes in a family of versions to support businesses from small shops through medium size enterprises. The Strata CIX 40 handles 4-11 trunks, 8-16 digital telephones, 1-2 analog station ports, and 8-24 IP channels. The largest system, the Strata CIX 670, handles 264 trunks or 560 station users and combinations up to 672 ports.

Toshiba's SIP trunking capability currently supports SIP carriers Cbeyond and American Broadband Services, with others to be added soon. Other SIP trunking carriers support a wide variety of PBX and IP PBX telephone systems through their own customer premises interface boxes.

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