Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Expand Your Telecom Services Line Card

This type of line card is not the one you plug into your channel bank or PBX system. It's the list of products and services you offer your clients as a telephone or computer networking sales company. Expanding your line card offers more sales opportunities with prospective and existing customers. But there's usually a price to pay. You wind up increasing equipment inventory, paying a franchise fee or committing to minimum monthly sales volumes. If only there was a way to expand your line card with offerings that your customers would really use, without incurring any costs or volume commitments on your part.

There is such a way to generate extra business without extra expense, but it is a narrowly targeted opportunity. You'll need to have an already established operation in the professional telephone or enterprise network field. This could be a bricks and mortar business communications company. It also applies to independent professionals who act as technical consultants to business clients. If that describes your situation, there's a win-win situation you need to know about.

The opportunity is in wireline telecom services that your clients are already using but not paying you for. They may contract with you to buy handsets,IP PBX systems, network switches and routers. You might also be asked to install and expand the facilities cabling and train the staff. But when it comes to telecom services, that's for somebody else. Many businesses just automatically call the local telephone company and wind up paying much more than they have to. Others seek out local companies that sell competitive services, but find that they are limited in what they can get and the prices are still high. Why don't they buy from you and get the best deal?

The quick answer is that you don't sell telecom line services. You don't have the expertise or the contacts and probably wince at getting involved with the contractual paperwork that you expect to be extensive. But what if somebody made it quick and easy to derive monthly commission checks from voice and data services that would also save your customers money? What if somebody else had the expertise, had the contacts, and specialized in sheparding the sale from requirements through activation and follow-up service? Would that work for you?

That organization is Telarus, Inc. They're a major master agency representing over a dozen national and regional telecommunications service providers. They have the tools and relationships to find the best deal for your customers and they know how to close a sale. They need you to bring them new customers and they're willing to share the profits.

You are invited to register your company as a VAR Partner. VAR meaning Value Added Reseller. The VAR Network gives you a way to easily enter requirements for your client in a matter of minutes. The suite of services offered includes T1 and bonded T1 lines, ISDN PRI telephone trunks, VoIP SIP Trunking, Integrated voice and data lines, point to point connectivity, Satellite bandwidth, and Metro Ethernet with up to Gigabit per second line rates. As a master agency, they can get the best rates and compare and contrast service providers to come up with the best solution.

What's it take to be part of the VAR Network? Just a few minutes of your time to register your company and participate in an interview to complete your profile. Once activated, you'll have a back office tool that will allow you to enter leads for line services that your customers require. For each one that closes, you'll get a monthly residual commission that lasts as long as the line contract and may be renewed. Many customers means many commissions that can add up to a sizable monthly check.

Another bonus feature is that you'll also get leads from the VAR Network based on your business profile. These will be warm leads from current and prospective Telarus customers who need equipment and services beyond telecom lines. It's one stop shopping for the client and potentially more business for you.

Why not take a few minutes right now and see what the VAR Network has to offer?

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