Friday, February 29, 2008

Where Wireless Device Are Free

Today's mobile communications devices are on the same learning curve that PCs were five or ten years ago. Remember when you had to replace your desktop computer every couple of years? It seemed such a waste, because it worked perfectly. Perfectly slow that is. Software advancements were coming so fast that they quickly overwhelmed any amount of processor speed or ram memory. Huge files from more sophisticated applications meant adding external drives just to have somewhere to store the data.

I'll bet you're not doing that anymore. PC technology has hit the flat part of the learning curve for most of us. Now we're actually able to wear out a computer before we have to upgrade it. That's especially true for mobile computers such as laptops and notebooks. They've usually taken a beating before they run out of speed or memory capacity.

So how about cell phones and PDA style voice and data devices? They still look almost new when they get tossed in a drawer as the contract ends. Good thing that wireless contracts aren't for five or ten years. The pain of limited functionality would be almost unbearable.

Sounds silly, but that's the state of wireless technology. It's not a matter of being deliberately wasteful. It's a function of the learning curve that drives all technical development. Right now advances are coming fast and furious. If you want to stay competitive, you need to keep up with the advances that new generations of mobile devices incorporate.

Don't feel resigned to paying the big bucks every time you need to upgrade your BlackBerry, Razr, Palm or other wireless voice and data device. By shopping through an online warehouse you can get your new model at a deep discount or free when you order it with a service plan. Cellular stores will just look at you funny if you want a free phone. Or show you one of the low end models they give away just to say they have free phones. If you really want a free wireless device, choose from an AT&T Blackjack II, BlackBerry Pearl, RAZR V3, Palm Centro, or AT&T curve. Other popular models are also free or available at a deep discount. Some even offer cash back rebates.

Take a few minutes and browse the new WireFly warehouse. You can shop by carrier, by phone model or by service plan. All of the major carriers and their voice and data plans are available online with fast free shipping to your door.

Still feel guilty about tossing your perfectly good but no longer needed phone? You can send it in free for proper recycling. Newer models in working order can be easily sold for refurbishment as emergency phones or use in other countries. See how much your old cell phone is worth in cash.

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