Thursday, April 17, 2008

Getting Cavalier About Ethernet

Can you afford to be cavalier about Ethernet as your company's electronic connection to the World? Can you afford not to be?

Being cavalier in this case means being with Cavalier Telephone, the competitive telecom services provider. Cavalier's Ethernet services have just been added to the GeoQuote (tm) search tool on our Shop For Ethernet service. But the only thing "casual" about Cavalier is the ease of finding the bandwidth services you need to support your growing business.

Cavalier Telephone is a regional CLEC or Competitive Local Exchange Carrier serving 15 states in the Eastern and Southern USA, including Washington D.C. They have network build-outs in 531 end offices and 11,000 fiber optic route miles, reaching more than 1.5 million businesses. If your business location is fortunate enough to be in the Cavalier service footprint, you could be saving money with one or more of their high performance voice and data services.
Cavalier Ethernet offers full duplex Carrier Ethernet service directly to your business. You can choose from 3 Mbps, 5 Mbps or 10 Mbps service levels, depending on how much bandwidth you need. That includes up to 13 static IP addresses and service availability of 99.9% guaranteed by a service level agreement.

Carrier Ethernet and its in-town equivalent, Metro Ethernet, are the rage right now. On a cost per Mbps basis, Ethernet usually offers the best value for business bandwidth. Sometimes the savings are as much as 50% to 90% less than equivalent SONET fiber optic services. Plus, it's Ethernet. Connecting to the WAN network is as easy as extending your own local area network. You just plug your switch or router into the RJ-45 connector and you've got Carrier Ethernet.

In addition to Ethernet, Cavalier Telephone offers a wide array of competitive services for business users. These include T1 and ISDN PRI telephone trunk lines, local and long distance calling service, Both full and fractional T1 lines, multi-line hunt groups, Frame Relay, DS3 and OCx high speed data, plus colocation facilities with rack and cage rental.

Are you paying too much for your voice and data bandwidth? Chances are the answer is YES. You don't know what you are missing until you check pricing and availability for the services you need from a suite of over 30 competitive providers. It's all made simple through our Ethernet Today and T1 T3 today online services. Give them a try now, to get a better deal through Cavalier Telephone and other excellent service providers.

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