Monday, September 22, 2008

iTelecenter Boosts Real Estate Agent Income

If you sell real estate for a living, you probably think that describing home sales as a disaster is putting in mildly. It's easily the worst market in a generation. But you still need a way to put food on the table. If only technology could provide you with an edge...

Well perhaps it can. iTeleCenter has a toll-free real estate hotline and lead capture system that they designed in 1992 and have been deploying to top agents and brokers worldwide. A few years ago you might have yawned if you saw a story about this. After all, who needs more help when your phone is ringing off the hook already. But today any competitive edge is worth considering, especially if it's already proven itself in the market.

The TeleCenter Real Estate Pro multiplies the value of your telephone. It simplifies communication, increases your productivity, helps you generate more leads and increased listings, and track the effectiveness of your advertising to reduce costs.

This is a telephone tool, right? But not some complicated piece of equipment that you have to get wired up and programmed. The iTeleCenter hardware and software are remotely hosted and managed by professionals so you don't need anything more than the phones you already have. It will add features and consolidate all your different numbers so that buyers and sellers can reach you anywhere, anytime by calling a single number.

Let's look at that calling feature. Forget about having a bunch of different numbers on your business card. You have just one toll free number. Anyone who wants you will call that number from wherever they happen to be and get your message. They push "0" and your phone rings. It could be your home phone, office phone or cell phone. The system will forward the call to you wherever you happen to be.

How about getting more leads? iTeleCenter is also a hotline where you promote information on hot properties. Potential buyers call to hear what's available without feeling pressured to interact with an agent. If they want to speak with you immediately, they can press a button and do so. If not, the TeleCenter Real Estate Pro captures their phone number automatically and, if they are listed in the white or yellow pages of the phone book, it will even provide you with the name and address of the caller. How's that for a hot lead?

Ah, but what if someone want to send you a fax? No problem. They send it to your one published toll free number. They can also get faxes from you automatically. If they are interested in a particular property, all they have to do is push a button and a listing sheet will be automatically sent to their fax machine.

There's a lot more to this and if you are in real estate sales, direct marketing or any other business where lead generation and follow-up is key to your income, you should learn more about the TeleCenter Real Estate Pro from iTeleCenter. It could be just the edge you need in today's tough markets.

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