Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scrambling For Business Leads

You can't help but notice that business activity is thinning out. Fewer inquiries are coming in and fewer order commitments are being placed. What's really scary is the "Out of Business" signs that seem to be popping up in more and more store fronts. So, what do you do to hang on?

The platitudes such as "business goes in cycles" or "this too shall pass" aren't much help when you're staring at red ink on the income statement. Truly, the frozen credit markets will thaw and eventually we'll exit what's likely to be a prolonged recession. But you need a way to keep people working and cash flowing until that "rising tide lifts all ships."

There may not be any of the proverbial magic bullets around, but there certainly are things you can do rather than just wait and hope. Belt tightening is always a good thing to consider. Chances are that there are expenses that have found their way onto the books and you're not even sure why you're spending that money anymore. But you should also look at doing things to increase income as well as reduce expenses.

Here's an idea if you happen to be in a technology related sales and service business, particularly one involved with computers and networking or business telephone systems. Join a collaborative network of like-minded technology professionals to increase your sales opportunities with current customers and get warm leads for potential new customers.

This organization is called the VAR Network, VAR meaning Value Added Reseller. If you're in this line of work, you'll recognize the acronym. The VAR Network gives you a double-headed approach for increasing your business receipts. First, you have the opportunity to include telecom line services in your stable of offerings. You may feel that specializing in network routers or IP PBX systems is really as deep as you want to get into systems work. But you're leaving a lot of money on the table for someone else to scoop up. Why not grab that share of the client's budget for yourself?

I know. You don't know squat about line services and are concerned about the learning curve involved to be able to productively sell things like dedicated T1 Internet, ISDN PRI, and Metro Ethernet. Fear not. You'll be partnering with an expert at the VAR Network who knows the ins and outs of all of those services. This consultant has the tools and carrier relationships to efficiently identify the best cost offers and close the deal, including the paperwork.

What do you get out of it? In exchange for providing the line services lead to the VAR Network, you'll be rewarded with a monthly commission based on your customer's usage. That can range up to hundreds or thousands of dollars a month per client for larger enterprises. Lots of smaller customers can also result in big incomes. But you already know that.

The other side of this double-whammy is that the VAR Network will send leads to you. That's right. The VAR Network sells line services through the Telarus Master Agency, but doesn't sell or install equipment. Many clients looking for line services also are seeking upgrades to their business telephone networks or local area networks and computers. Those leads are passed on to member VARs based on location, service specialization and support of the network.

Now the best part of the deal. You pay nothing to join or maintain your membership in the VAR Network. You just need to have an established business in the right field. Telecom line service consulting and support are absolutely free. You'll share in the income generated from the leads you supply. You'll also get leads for free as they become available. If, and only if, a lead supplied by the VAR Network results in a sale are you expected to remit a small percentage of your receipts from that lead to support the network.

Does this sound like an easy and painless way to give your business an edge in this declining business environment? It doesn't come easier or more pain free. Find out for yourself. Check out the VAR Network and Sign up to become a VAR Network partner now.

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