Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tel3Advantage Valentine Calling Special

Have someone special a long distance away, perhaps in a distant foreign land, that you want to stay in touch with this Valentine's Day? Tel3Advantage can make it happen for you at a very affordable rate. Tel3 is known for its excellent international calling rates. But sign up for their service between now and February 20 and you'll get a 30% discount on your long distance calls for a month plus $3 free talk time.

Tel3 is known for its ultra-low cost international telephone rates for both business and residential users. How low? With the special in play right now, your USA calls are 1.4 cents per minute. Call the U.K. for just 1.8 cents/min. How about some place that's expensive to call, like China? China calls are only 1.2 cents per minute. What's that about being expensive? Oh, you mean when you use other long distance services. You really should just get Tel3Advantage if low rates are important to you.

Tel3 is a leader in pre-paid long distance phone services. You buy your minutes ahead of time, like you would with a calling card. But unlike a card, Tel3 services use advanced technology to maximize your convenience and minimize your costs. You can make calls from any phone - home, work, cell phone, or even a payphone. Use the customized online control panel to set up your phones, track charges and update your balance. You make calls using the system without having to dial in some onerous pin number. Just dial the access number and your destination number and the system will take care of making sure you get the best rate possible.

But what if you don't want to switch your long distance service? No problem because Tel3Advantage doesn't require you to make any changes to your existing phone services. This is an independent service that you use only when you want to. That's probably often, since the calling rates offered by Tel3 are so much lower that you are probably getting charged now. Leave your current service in place. Use Tel3Advantage to make those expensive long distance calls, even when on the go.

Are you hesitating to make an important overseas phone call because you fear getting a huge bill in the mail? Put your mind and budget at easy. Take advantage of the special Tel3Advantage limited time offer right now.

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