Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Ethernet Internet Finder Service

If you are in a business that needs high bandwidth connectivity and you want it at better than traditional telco prices, then you should have a look at the new GigaPackets Ethernet Internet service finder.

GigaTrunks.com Ethernet Internet Finder screen shot.If you are already aware of the cost and performance benefits of Metro and Carrier Ethernet services, then you'll want to see what's available for your business location right now. Why? Because the faster you make the transition from antiquated telecommunication connections to the new Ethernet WAN services, the sooner you'll start saving money every month. In the current economic environment, who can afford to wait?

What's all the excitement over Ethernet? Isn't that just the protocol that runs on local area networks?

Oh, yes. Ethernet is at the core of nearly all LAN networks. The only exceptions are very specialized networks for high speed disk access or proprietary setups used in research. Any PC, server or network appliance you buy today is going to be setup for some flavor of Ethernet. The most common speeds are 10 Mbps Ethernet, 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet, 1000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet and some installations of 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

But the GigaTrunks Ethernet Internet finder isn't looking for Ethernet in the LAN. It's looking for Ethernet that runs outside of your company. That includes connections to other business locations and to the Internet. Collectively, these are called Ethernet WAN connections.

Now, here's what the excitement is all about. First, being Ethernet, these connections effectively allow you to extend your LAN across town or across the country. Since no protocol conversion is involved in transfering packets from your LAN to the WAN and back to a LAN somewhere else, Ethernet transport services are highly efficient and offer low latency.

But that's just half the story. The other half, perhaps even the more important half, is that Ethernet is proving to be a very low cost service compared to traditional telecommunication service prices.

Why? One reason is because Ethernet is being offered by newer network service providers who are out to compete with those old-line telecom companies. Many have all new IP-based networks with the latest high performance equipment and none of the old legacy services and connections to maintain. They can often make the connection directly from your company to wherever else you want to go. By staying on a single provider's network, you can enjoy a cost advantage.

Another opportunity for cost savings comes with the development of EoC or Ethernet over Copper services. This is an access technology that connects from your company to the service provider using bundles of twisted pair copper telco wiring. Most likely you have a multi-pair cable in place already. Bandwidths up to 45 Mbps are possible with EoC, depending on your distance to the carrier's facilities.

How much can you save by using Ethernet instead of what else is available? A sure way to find out is to take a minute and use the GigaPackets Ethernet Internet Finder right now.

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