Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hosting Nation Offers Low Cost Web Hosting For Everyone

So, what do you want? Is it cheap web hosting? Or do you really want good web hosting cheap? If you are in the latter category, Hosting Nation has the web hosting service for you.

It wasn’t all that long ago that if you wanted to have a public website, you needed to manage your own Apache server or pay a fortune for someone else to provide the server and connection bandwidth. No more. Hosting services are a downright bargain these days. Consider that for under ten bucks a month you can have a business presence to the entire world. It’s downright amazing when you stop to think about it.

If you’ve been getting by with “free” hosting services that ruin your site design with their ugly banners, or paying $25 a month or more for “professional” hosting that only nets the providers a handsome profit, then you need to take a close look at what has to offer.

Here’s the deal. You pay $6.95 a month or $83.40 a year. With the yearly package, they’ll even waive the $25 set up fee.

This is all it’s going to cost you. What you get for that pittance is a shared hosting account that gives you 5 Gb of disk space, 50 Gb of bandwidth, 50 FTP accounts, 50 email addresses, 50 databases, 10 mailing lists, 50 parked domains and 50 subdomains.

Unless you’re running a major ecommerce site that’s giving Amazon.com a run for its money, you should find those resources more than enough. I mean, 50 databases? How busy creating data would you be keeping 50 databases engaged? For an individual site owner or a small to medium size business, these are generous resources.

Here’s another benefit that I haven’t see elsewhere. When you transfer your site to Hosting Nation, they’ll move your site for you. They’ll also give you a credit towards any hosting that remains on your current plan up to one year. Most web hosting providers deal with you at arm’s length. They’re not about to get into moving your site for you. But Hosting Nation will. Now, how’s that about helpful?

You should also know that you’re not just renting space on a server for your website. Your account also gives you access to over 80 applications, frameworks and libraries through Fantastico so you can add guestbooks, polls, links, contact forms, photo galleries, classified ads, shopping carts, a bulletin board, chatroom and blog to your site. No need to go out and buy software. These applications are yours to use on your hosting acount.

There are also real time traffic logs, data backup and recovery, plus anti-spam and anti-virus protections.

Did I mention that this hosting service is only $6.95 a month? How can you not take advantage of an offer this good? It’s so much for so little.

Well, don’t wait a minute more. Get all the details and order your Hosting For Everyone web hosting package right now.

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