Friday, September 04, 2009

Instant Toll Free Numbers

Do you have a project where you could use a toll free number... right now? Then get one right now. I mean right this minute.

But don’t toll free numbers take a long time to search out and provision? No, not if you use the right service and do it the right way.

The right service is Kall8. The right way to get your number is to simply dive in and pick one from the set of 800/866/877/888 numbers they already have available and ready for use. You simply pick a number and place your order quickly and easily online. By the time you’re done, a few minutes later, your number is ready for use. Is that instant enough?

Oh, but how much is this convenience going to cost? You can get an 866, 877 or 888 toll free number for $2 ($5 for 800 numbers). Once you have it, it’s $2 a month ($5 for 800 numbers) for service plus the cost of incoming calls, which is a mere 6.9 cents a minute for the 48 US states. That’s not much to pay for any toll free number, much less an instantly available one. Then there are all the extra features.

The first extra feature is the ability to change your ring-to number anytime you want. A toll free number is set to ring to a particular telephone number. When someone calls your toll free number it will ring your cell phone, home landline or office phone, depending on how you set it up. With some toll free services, you decide which phone to ring when you set it up. Then it’s either fixed at that number or you have to call up and request a change. Not with Kall8. You simply use your online control panel to change the ring-to number any time you want.

Why is this valuable? Say that you want to make sure that clients, patients, or potential customers can reach you anytime 24/7. You give them your toll free number, which is also printed on your business card. That’s the only number they’ll need. While you are at home, you can have the toll free number set to ring your home phone. That saves cellular minutes. When you leave for the day, reset the ring-to for your cellular phone. That way you are reachable anywhere. At the office, reset the ring-to number to your office phone.

Of course, you can set your toll free number to ring-to a particular phone number and leave it that way. At least you have a choice with Kall8.

Some other valuable features that come with your instant toll free number are voice mail, conference calling, Caller ID, and the ability to have both voice and fax messages sent to your email. Yes, you can have people send a fax to your toll free number and pick it up online or have it sent as an email message attachment.

Your toll free number also works in reverse as a virtual calling card for the same low 6.9 cents per minute rate. Just call the access number to use it this way.

Are you impressed? This is a pretty impressive service. Best of all, you can get this service working for you right now. Order your instant toll free number from Kall8.

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