Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Two T1 Lines For The Price of One

T1 lines are bursting at the RJ-45 connector. Businesses are pushing more data than ever before through their constrained WAN connections. But how do you go ask to buy more bandwidth in these economic times? It’s easy when you can get 2 T1 lines for the price of 1.

Whoa! Who is offering a two-for-one deal on business bandwidth?

Actually, lots of competitive carriers can do this for you. Think I’m kidding? Check T1 line prices now.

I will introduce a slight caveat. The pricing I’m referring to compares what you’ll pay for a dual-bonded T1 line today versus what you paid for a T1 line on a contract signed several years ago in many metropolitan areas. That’s not unreasonable, since professional bandwidth solutions such as T1 lines, DS3 connections, and Metro Ethernet are sold on a lease basis with 1 to 5 year contracts in locations where there are competing carriers.

Many, many companies have 3 year T1 line contracts expiring right now. What do you suppose they are going to do? Some may just ignore the fact that the contract is expired and keep paying the same invoice on a month to month basis. A lot of carriers will let you do that just like with cell phone contracts. Other companies will probably just renew their existing contracts for the same amount as before or with a slight discount. If you do either of these, you are leaving money on the table.

The fact is that the telecommunications market has gotten very competitive recently. There are more carriers interested in your business and there are more technology options than ever. But it’s likely that you are aware of only a single option through your local telephone company or perhaps one other bid from a service provider with a local office. The larger the population center where you are located, the more service options there are. But these carriers don’t have infinitely large sales staffs or advertising budgets, so you may not have been contacted by them.

Well, if they’re not calling you to vie for your business, how do you get their attention? Actually, it's much easier today than ever before because of telecommunications service brokers. Arguably the best of these is Telarus, Inc., developer of the GeoQuote (tm) online telecom service search engine. You can use GeoQuote (tm) to get T1 line quotes in under a minute and confirm what I’ve been saying. You’ll discover even more options if you let a Telarus ShopForT1 consultant call you because they have knowledge of short term special deals that don’t show up in the automated search process.

Did you run a search for your business address? Am I right about the cost of 2x T1 line service at 3 Mbps? Here’s something else to think about. Metro Ethernet is a hot new competitive technology that can give you even more bandwidth at lower prices than bonding a bunch of T1 lines. If your location qualifies, you may be able to get all the bandwidth you need and still meet your telecom service budget this year. It’s well worth your while to check it out.

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