Friday, November 13, 2009

Host Gator Serves The Web On Texas Wind Power

Are you torn between your need to support businesses that are easy on the environment and the need to minimize the cost of your online services, including Web hosting? Relax. HostGator gives you cheap and green at the same time.

HostGator green hosting at bargain pricesYou probably know that web hosting is an energy intensive business. Web servers are like any other computer, except even more power hungry. The more performance you push from your server farm, the more power you pull from the grid and the more heat you generate that has to be removed from the facility. Doesn’t sound very green, does it?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with energy. Energy is what gives us life and makes everything else possible. The problem is that we’re such an energy intensive society that we’re damaging our environment even as we progress in our way of life. The key to living in the kind of technological society we desire while preserving our natural environment is to get our energy from clean sources.

This is what Host Gator has committed to doing. Their first approach was to switch to 36% more efficient servers to reduce the carbon emissions of their shared and reseller servers. But with around 2 million websites to be served, that only went part of the way toward being a truly green business. So, HostGator purchased renewable energy credits for 130% of their server power and cooling.

Why 130%? That covers every watt needed to power the servers, cool their heat output, and operate the rest of the business. They’re effectively paying a Texas wind farm to generate renewal energy on behalf of Host Gator. It’s the next best thing to putting up windmills on their own property and generating the power themselves - except they can’t do that in downtown Houston. The money from renewal energy credits goes to offset the costs of constructing more wind generators, helping this green source of energy get deployed for today’s and future generations.

But doesn’t this green energy approach make HostGator non-competitive with web hosting services that don’t consider their environmental impact? It certainly doesn’t seem to. In fact, it’s a credit to their management that Host Gator features and pricing leave a lot of their competitors in the dust. Are you as astounded as I am to find that you can get unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth for your domain name for under $5 a month? That includes a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a 45 day money back guarantee, 24/7 support, and a wealth of web hosting and email hosting features.

The Business package with the ability to host unlimited domains, a dedicated static IP address, and private SSL starts at under $13 a month. Reseller plans are also available for under $25 a month that allow you to start a web hosting company of your own. You set up the accounts and give each of your customers their own control panel. You get to establish your own brand and decide how much to charge. Then keep 100% of the money you collect from your clients. HostGator will even give you a free copy of “The Web Hosting Book” to help you get started.

Does high quality green web hosting at bargain prices sound like the type of hosting you want for your business? If so, learn more and order Host Gator web hosting and reseller hosting services right now.

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