Monday, December 28, 2009

Get After Christmas Cash From Old Gadgets

Ah, the gift giving season has rolled through like a retail tsunami. You did well this year. There’s really nothing else that holds the excitement of shiny new gadgets under the tree. But there’s nothing that puts a damper on the excitement like an empty wallet and big credit card bills about to land in January. What you can really use right now is some after Christmas cash.

Fortunately, there’s a fast and easy way to bring in some quick bucks without having to get another job or really do any work at all. It’s a win-win proposition because you get paid and reclaim some shelf space in your house at the same time. What you want to do is sell your old gadgets for cash while you can get the most.

Notice that I said old gadgets. You’re keeping the new ones, of course. It’s the stuff they are replacing that can go.

I know. You’re thinking of hanging on to the old model just in case you need it. Really? Are you actually going to re-activiate that old cell phone if you lose or damage your new one? It’s likely you’ll run out and get a replacement pronto. In all likelihood, you’ll never need your old device as a backup. Most electronics goes to the landfill in perfect working order. It’s trashed because it’s obsolete.

Here’s another astounding fact. Many electronic devices that are tossed to the curb have some cash value. Many others had cash value, but it vaporized over time so that now the dusty game or GPS in the basement is worthless. These things continue to pile up and eventually get hauled away as trash where they decay in landfills to pollute the environment.

Electronic circuit boards are an environmental nightmare. They’re full of lead and other elements that leach out over time. The green thing to do is get them to an electronics recycler so the materials can be reclaimed to make new gadgets. The green-in-your-pocket thing to do is get them to an electronics buyer so they be put to good use and you’ll get some money.

What’s the fastest and easiest way to get cash for your old electronic gadgets? Sell or recycle your gadgets online at no cost to you. Gazelle offers fast cash for cell phones, laptop computers, home audio systems, Blu-Ray players, digital cameras, MP3 players, video games, PDAs, gaming consoles, GPS devices, camcorders, satellite radios, calculators, external drives, camera lenses, LCD monitors, projectors, streaming media, and even movies.

How much can you get? Each device has a market value depending on condition and available accessories. You can find the current market value and get a quote in seconds online. If you decide to accept the offer, you’ll get free shipping and packaging. Send it in and a check will be on its way pronto. If it turns out that your gadget has no retail value left, you can still send it in for proper recycling

So, what are you waiting for? Gather up the gadgets that were replaced this year and any others that you have hiding in the closet or piled up in the garage or basement. Get instant online quotes to resell your electronic devices and send them in. Act quickly and you may get the cash before your next credit card bill arrives.

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