Monday, June 21, 2010

Find The Ethernet Internet Connection

Are you interested in more bandwidth for your business, but concerned about the cost? You may be able to get just what you want with an Ethernet Internet connection.

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Ethernet Internet connections are something new. Certainly, we’ve all been using Ethernet on our local area networks for as long as we can remember. The Internet itself is an IP service that is very compatible with your LAN Ethernet. The odd protocol in-between has been the telecom services available to link to the Ethernet itself.

You probably have T1 or DS3 service as your network access connection. Each of these requires a special CSU/DSU or router interface card at each end of the connection. These units and their associated software perform a protocol conversion and provide the proper signal interface to standard network Ethernet ports. But with Ethernet connections, none of that is needed. It’s Ethernet all the way. How do you connect to the Internet? How about just plugging into a standard RJ-45 connector?

In addition to simplicity of connection, Ethernet WAN or Wide Area Network services are also generally cheaper than T1 lines or DS3 bandwidth. In many areas, you can now get 3 Mbps Ethernet for the same price as 1.5 Mbps T1. 10 Mbps Ethernet is very popular for small to medium size businesses. It can be had for what T1 lines cost just a few years ago.

Ethernet Internet connections are also scalable. You can get bandwidths from 1 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. The lower speeds, from 1 Mbps to about 50 Mbps, can be provided over existing twisted pair copper telco cables. For the higher speeds, you’ll need a fiber optic connection. Those are also highly affordable compared to what you’ll pay for traditional telecom services at that level.

Are you interested in how you can increase your bandwidth and perhaps even save money at the same time. Take a minute now and use the Ethernet Internet Finder to get connection prices and availability for your business location.

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