Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Try Toll Free Service FREE For 14 Days

Most toll free number services are structured as pay-as-you-go. In other words, you pay for each incoming call by the minute. Often there is also a small monthly fee to maintain the service. An alternate approach enjoyed by many users of i800 Toll Free Service is to simply pay one fixed monthly fee regardless of how many toll free calls come in.

The advantage of unlimited toll free number service is that you can budget for this telephone service and know what your costs will be each month. It’s $49. For that you get to select your number from a collection of 800,866, 877 and 888 toll free numbers that are already set up and ready to use. You publish this number where it makes sense. Customers and prospective clients will call at no charge to them, which makes it more likely that they’ll pick up the phone. This is especially valuable for catalog sales, customer service and recruiting efforts.

Here’s some even better news. You can try the i800 Toll Free Service from iTeleCenter for 14 days without charge. How many telephone services will let you do that? Just attempt it with a cell phone company and listen to them scream with laughter until they point at the contract and demand signature before your phone will even work. There’s no contract to sign with i800, even after the 14 day trial period. You keep the number and the service as long as you care to pay the $49 monthly fee.

That $49 is all-inclusive. There are no surcharges, hidden fees, activation fees or per minute charges. No extra fees for features, either. You’ll get an auto attendant or main greeting, voicemail to email or text, multiple extension mailboxes, online faxing, follow me call forwarding and over 30 additional features. This is a full-featured toll free service that has everything you need to make toll free service work for your small business.

I should mention that the unlimited plan does have a fair usage provision. If you exceed 1,000 minutes per month over a 30 day period, those extra minutes will be billed at 4.9 cents per minute. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you are trying to run a large call center. This service is designed for small businesses and expects to meet their inbound toll free needs well within the rules of fair usage. If you do happen to have success beyond your wildest dreams, that 4.9 cents per minute overage is still the cheapest toll free cost you’re likely to find.

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