Friday, June 11, 2010

What’s the Difference Between WiMAX and WiFi

The names sound similar. There’s WiMAX and WiFi. Does the MAX mean that WiMAX is just a more powerful version of WiFi? In a way, you could think of WiMAX as a broadband service that creates a giant hotspot. In fact, a hotspot that covers an entire city and can be used inside buildings and cars. But WiMAX is actually more like 3G cellular broadband than the ubiquitous WiFi routers or hotspots. Have a look at this video to see what WiMAX is all about.

WiMAX is a powerful wireless standard that is being deployed all over the world to provide wireless broadband service for both fixed and mobile computers. In more and more cities in the US, WiMAX is being installed on those old analog TV channels that were sold in last year’s spectrum auction. No, your old tube TV won’t pick it up and give you broadband. You’ll have to subscribe to CLEAR WiMAX 4G wireless broadband service. It’s fast, reasonably priced and lets you use the same account for both desktop and laptop PCs.

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