Friday, November 05, 2010

Load Up on Toll Free Numbers For Your Business

What’s a really inexpensive tool that many business users think costs a fortune? It’s the toll free number. True, toll free numbers used to cost a small fortune and take forever to get set up. Not any more. Now you can have as many as you want ready to use immediately for $2 each.

Shocked? I’ll bet. At that price you not only have to consider getting your first toll free number, but loading up on them as well.

Why get more than one? It’s all about the marketing. Businesses that run ads in a multitude of media need some way to know which ads are working and which are just along for the ride. You can do that with coupon codes or long confusing Web addresses. Often, companies will list a phone number but distinguish the ads with different extension numbers. None of these are sure-fire. Customers and prospects can easily forget codes and extensions or get them mixed up. Even when they don’t, do you really want to make your valuable customers jump through hoops to help you assess your ad results?

It’s much easier to simply present a unique toll free number. You can assign different toll free numbers to each ad, each product, or each sales representative. Different departments can each have their own toll free number to avoid the confusion of phone trees or having a receptionist transfer every call. That makes calling fast and easy for your customers. Since the numbers are toll free, they’ll never hesitate to call regardless of how far away they are located.

What’s makes multiple toll free numbers so attractive is both cost and ease of management. You control everything online for each of your numbers. That includes deciding which phone should ring, including cell phones, how many rings before a call goes to voice mail, and whether or not you want FAX messages delivered to your email.

Yes, those features and more are available with these toll free numbers. You make the updates yourself at anytime, day or night, using an ordinary Web browser. That gives you completely control and you don’t have to wait for certain hours or for someone to have time to make the changes for you.

The cost? It’s just $2 to acquire an 866, 877 or 888 toll free number set up and ready to use. After that you pay just $2 a month to maintain service for each number. Incoming calls cost just 6.9 cents per minute. As an example, if two customers are calling-in to 2 toll free numbers, you pay 6.9 cents per minute per caller for the duration of the calls. Calls from Alaska and Hawaii do have a small surcharge added.

How about 800 numbers? Yes, they are readily available and cost $5 each to acquire and $5 per month to maintain. The cost of the incoming calls is the same 6.9 cents per minute as the other toll free numbers.

Are you ready to load up on toll free numbers? Order your first number and set up your account. Then add numbers as needed. You’ll get online reporting for each number so you’ll know what you are spending and which numbers are producing for you.

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