Friday, March 04, 2011

Sell Your Old or Broken Laptop For Cash

How many old laptop computers do you have in the basement? That’s not counting the ones that got put out in the trash because they fell and broke the screens. Did you know that those old laptops, even the broken ones, are worth cash in your pocket?

Amazing, but true. Most laptop computers aren’t junk and shouldn’t be treated that way. You especially shouldn’t be sending old laptops or any electronic equipment to the landfill. Those circuit boards and other components are chock full of materials that degrade in the environment, leaching out toxic chemicals over time. There are also valuable minerals, like small amounts of gold and silver, that can be reclaimed by a recycler and put to good use in new products.

Be rewarded for doing a good deed by getting paid to send in your unused or broken laptop computer. Obviously, the better condition it is in the more it is worth and the more you can expect to be paid. How about a nice big fat check for that laptop that’s collecting dust because you just bought a new notebook or tablet?

Here’s how you cash in. It’s a pretty easy four step process. First you answer a few questions and get a quote online. If you like what you see, then you accept the offer and you’ll get a prepaid shipping box and label. All you need to do is carefully pack your laptop in the box and send it on its way. Once it has been received by the refurbisher and checked out, you’ll get a company check or PayPal payment.

Doesn’t this sound much easier than running ads and scheduling meetings to show the equipment, only to have people offer you next to nothing or not want your laptop at all? Is anybody really interested in buying a non-working laptop computer?

This company does, indeed, buy both working and non-working laptop and notebook computers. They are in the business of refurbishing these machines and know what to do with them. In some cases, your old junker is in such bad shape that it is not worth refurbishing. In that case, it has no market value but you can still have them recycle it properly to keep it out of the landfills.

What about the data on your hard drive? It’s always smart to erase any personal data before you sell or dispose of any electronic equipment. The refurbisher does erase and reformat hard drives as part of their refurbishment process as an extra precaution. Still, you’d be smart to always erase personal data yourself before you let go of any old computers.

Are you intrigued by the opportunity to finally get some cash for what you thought was an obsolete or worthless laptop computer? Then wait no longer. Run a quick online quote for your old laptop right now and get the process started. Before you know it, you could have cash in hand for your next technology purchase.

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