Thursday, April 28, 2011

Environmentally Friendly Hosting is Super Green

More and more website builders and bloggers are looking for ways to embrace both technology and the environment. Here’s a way to not just go green, but super-green with Super Green hosting. Let’s take a look at what’s super about Super Green.

Environmentally sensitive hosting with extensive features and low cost.It starts with their "green ethics". Super Green Hosting started out with the goal to provide the greenest service available in the green web hosting market. It all comes down to the carbon. Do you realize that everything we do on the Internet has a carbon footprint? That’s because everything draws electricity and most of that electricity is being generated from sources that are decidedly un-green. Coal fired power stations - very, very un-green.

The way to counteract this is to cut back on the power you use, generate the rest using renewable resources such as solar and wind, and plant trees to absorb remaining carbon in the form of CO2 and store it away.

Super Green hosting does all three. They’re using dell servers that produce 20% less CO2 than average servers, using wind power to run them and planting trees to reverse the effects of global warming. They can boast of being 100% carbon-neutral. That’s hosting you can be proud of.

Unlike may hosting providers, Super Green Hosting keeps their plans simple but feature rich. For less than five bucks a month, you get unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts. With all those resources at your disposal, you can host as many domains as you want. But don’t pay for the first one. Super Green Hosting will give you a free domain and take care of renewing if for as long as you have your account. Already have a domain elsewhere? No problem, they’ll transfer it for you so you can use it in your account.

Some other included features that you might have to pay extra for elsewhere are 1 click installation for WordPress and Joomla, as many MySQL databases as you can use, Ruby/Ruby On Rails, SSL Secure Serve, shopping cards, a free generated certificate, Paypal support, merchant account support, and free ad credits for Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Also take note of their 99.9% uptime guarantee and their money back guarantee, along with 24/7 phone and email support, live support inside cPanel, video tutorials and extensive knowledgebase.

Most bloggers and website builders will be happy with the standard Green Hosting plan. For resellers and owners of extensive domain collections that want complete and independent control of each website, there are Green Reseller Hosting plans available starting at under twenty bucks a month. These offer both cPanel and WHM admin control panels, automated billing systems, site builder software, website templates and private name servers. One unusual benefit is a domain reseller account. This is a free eNom account for cheaper rates on domains with no setup fees.

Are you in the market for green hosting solutions with the power and flexibility to handle anything from a WordPress blog right on up to online business and even being a web hosting provider yourself? If so, check out the Green Hosting and Green Reseller Hosting plans available from Super Green Hosting.

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