Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WordPress Hosting Made Cheap and Easy

Many serious bloggers and website builders choose WordPress as their software platform. It has the advantages of being versatile and supported by an extensive community of developers for themes and plugins. As a beginner, you can simply use the online version of WordPress to get your feet wet. Eventually, though, you’ll want the flexibility and expansion that comes form hosting WordPress yourself.

Get HostGator WordPress hosting and you'll be celebrating, too. Click for plan pricing.Now comes an important decision. Do you want to host WordPress the easy way or the hard way? The hard way is to download the software files and do an installation on your own server or a hosting service you are using now. This is the route IT professionals will go. But what if you are more of a content creator than an IT type? You may be better off just ordering web hosting designed specifically for WordPress.

One good option for those who don’t otherwise have or need a web hosting account is HostGator WordPress Hosting. It starts at under $4 a month and is 100% WordPress compatible. In addition to the low cost, what’s really valuable is the 1-Click WordPress QuickInstall feature. HostGator has built-in an installer specifically for WordPress. You click the button and in less than a minute, you have WordPress installed on your account.

Want to see how quick and easy this is? Watch the WordPress QuickInstall Demo video and see for yourself. From start to finish an actual installation and configuration ready to use takes place in about 3 minutes right before your eyes.

The nice thing about HostGator is that even the least expensive plans give you full blown web hosting and not some hobbled set of resources that you’ll soon outgrow. You get your choice of installing WordPress at the root of your account so that all it does is support your blog, or you can install WordPress in a folder so that it is just part of what you are hosting on the account.

Will you run out of space or get so popular that a flood of fans will crash the site? Not with HostGator. Their WordPress hosting offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Go ahead, become and social media phenomenon and enjoy the rewards of your success. Your site comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7/365 tech support just in case you need help.

HostGator offers 100% WordPress compatible hosting. It easily exceeds WordPress minimum requirements and sports the latest versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP. You’ll be installing the newest stable WordPress version when you click that QuickInstall button. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that PHP runs as suPHP for increased WordPress security.

Oh, you already have WordPress installed somewhere else or you want to move from the free hosting site? Signup for HostGator and they’ll transfer your current WordPress site for free.

If you are serious about getting into WordPress or are already a user and want to move for better quality hosting or a better price, then you should take a few minutes and watch the video to see how easy it is. Then check out the hosting plans and see how much you can get at such a low cost with HostGator WordPress Hosting. You may also be interested in registering a domain name or in the many other hosting services that are such a great deal from HostGator.

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