Friday, May 06, 2011

Computer Tech Support Online

You know how it is. Your new computer runs just fine for the longest time. Then something goes wonky. Now what? You try checking it out as best you can, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything obvious amiss. Well, there are those 3 inch thick manuals at the bookstore. Or, you could pack it up and haul it to the big-box service counter and hope they can find what’s wrong. Oh, that’s going to cost big time and who knows when you’ll get your computer back. Maybe you should just live with the problems... or is there a better option?

Indeed, there is. Have you thought of trying an online tech support service? Most problems aren’t hardware failures where somebody has to heat up a soldering iron. Your trouble is most likely some misconfiguration or one of those pesky viruses that slow everything to a crawl and try to steal your personal information.

These are the kind of problems that are suited to remote diagnosis by technical experts with specialized software tools. You’ll give a support tech temporary access to your computer via the Internet and they’ll run a diagnostic suite to analyze your system status. Once the root cause is found, they can also fix it remotely. Your computer will never leave your desk and you’ll be interacting with your support technician. That sounds a lot better than having someone in a back room poking around doing who knows what whenever they happen to get around to it.

Are you frustrated with your slow or otherwise non-functioning PC? If so, why not give the experts at Tee Support a try before you unplug everything and drop it off for weeks at a computer store? Start a FREE PC Health Checkup Now! Who knows? You could be back in business within the hour.

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