Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To Reduce Your Business Wireless Costs

Are you suspicious that you may be spending a lot more on business mobile wireless services than you should be? It’s for a good reason. You most likely are. How much? Somewhere between 25 and 35%. Now, how would you like to capture that savings for your company?

Free business wireless cost savings analysis. I thought you would, so here’s the secret to doing just that. What you need to do is gather up all your wireless bills, go through them with a fine tooth comb to identify which plans are being used optimally and which have services going to waste, look for billing errors, find devices without any use and eliminate them, identify voice and data overages and figure out how to adjust those plans, consolidate vendors, and make sure you identify all unpublished plans and discount programs that are available for your business.

What? Do all that and still get your job done? Why, you’d need to hire a wireless expert for all that analysis and change activity. Oh, you could assign each employee the job of managing their smartphone and other wireless devices, but that’s pretty much hit and miss. They won’t spend much time on it and probably don’t know what to do next. Plus, how can you get economy of scale with everybody going in a different direction?

Obviously, you can’t make much progress without the sufficient expertise, time, and knowledge of all the products and services and their pricing that you could be taking advantage of. Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert or hire an expert employee. You just need to bring in some expert help.

The service you are looking for is Advantix. Their specialty is telecom analysis and management, both for wireline and wireless services. Analyzing wireline phone bills is something many consulting firms do. But how many are up to speed on wireless to the point where they can expect to cut your expenses by up to a third or more?

The wireless monster has sneaked up on most businesses. They think of it as having a few cell phones around for key employees. In reality, they are spending thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a year... one phone at a time.

Avantix takes a comprehensive approach to optimizing your wireless business services. They’ll collect and analyze all your wireless expenses for billing errors, unused and underused services, overage situations, missed opportunities for business plan discounts, and opportunities to consolidate carriers for major savings. They’ll even go to bat for you to prepare the RFPs, evaluate competing proposals, and negotiate the contracts.

Do you really think that you are up enough on the wireless industry to know how to find every discount or opportunity for savings? Probably not, unless that’s your main business. Why not get a risk-free, no-obligation wireless analysis from Advantix and see what they can do without increasing your workload? The savings can be substantial, even eye-popping.

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