Friday, June 24, 2011

US and UK Shopping Cart Software

Do you sell online or want to? If you are selling through an affiliate program, all the back-end processes involved in taking the order and tracking it are provided for you. But if you are selling your own products, say books, crafts or components, you need to have a shopping cart for your customers. Omit this feature and you’ll limit your sales.

What does a shopping cart do for you? It provides a way for online customers to visit your website, pick and choose among all the products you offer, and buy multiple items with one transaction. Without a shopping cart, visitors can only order one product at a time. People have gotten use to the shopping cart meme and expect any ecommerce store to have it available and working the way they see on every other site they shop.

So, where do you get one of these shopping carts? If you are located in the United States or the United Kingdom, you can order complete shopping cart packages from Ecommerce Templates. Here, watch this video explanation and see how it works...

Note that there are custom versions of this shopping cart software available for designers using Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Golive and CSS layouts. You can also chose a generic version to integrate into a site that you already have up and running. Ecommerce Templates works with popular payment providers, including PayPal, Google Checkout, amazon Payments, and numerous others serving the US and the UK.

Which type of hosting are you using? Some shopping cart software packages only work with one type or another. Ecommerce Templates lets you choose between the ASP version for Access / MS SQL databases on Windows servers or PHP for mySQL databases on Linux or Unix servers.

Does this sound like what you’ve been looking for to enable your ecommerce enterprise? There are dozens of features and lots more to see, so visit Ecommerce Templates now and find the shopping cart software package that’s right for you.

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