Friday, November 25, 2011

FREE HTC Wildfire S White For The Holidays

The HTC Wildfire S for T-Mobile is a vision in white. This hot new Android smartphone is in-demand for holiday gift giving, even if you are both the gift giver and receiver. Get it for free and you can almost guarantee your holidays will be bright.

Get the HTC Wildfire S for T-Mobile FREE for a limited time...What makes the Wildfire S so desirable? Perhaps it’s the people-centric nature of this clever little smartphone. It organizes your calls and messages by people, not applications. Multi-window browsing let’s you do everything at once. The Wildfire S is also one of the most compact smartphones you can get. If you want something approaching tablet size that will stretch out your shirt pocket, this is not your phone. However, if you’d much prefer a device that fits in your palm and measures a scant 4.1 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches, this could be your phone.

You won’t have to give up smartphone functionality just to get an easier to carry cellphone. The HTC Wildfire S White features a 3.2 inch full touch screen with pinch and zoom capability. You’ll navigate through email, text and instant messages quickly and easily with Swype. You’ll compose messages faster with Swype, too. Just slide your finger over the letters that make up the word you want to spell. Compare that to hunt-'n-peck.

You have one-touch access to Google applications like Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar and Google. That’s an advantage of having an Android powered smartphone. This one runs Google’s Android OS 2.3 with HTC Sense. The internal processor runs at 600 MHz with 512 MB of built-in memory and expandable memory capacity up to 32 GB. You’ll get a 2 GB microSD Card included to get you started.

How about the digital camera? You need something to capture those images when opportunity strikes. It would be even better if your cell phone camera was good enough to leave the old bulky point-and-shoot at home. With the HTC Wildfire S, you get a 5 Megapixel digital camera with flash and auto focus. It has 3x digital zoom to let you fill the frame with your subject. Like many dedicated cameras, this one lets you adjust the capture mode from automatic to sunny, cloudy and more. Would you prefer a camcorder? No problem. Just switch to video capture mode and you’ve got that camcorder in your phone.

What to do with those pictures and videos? You can watch them in excellent full color on your touch screen, of course. But you can also easily send them to friends and family via multimedia messaging. While waiting for the family to oooh and aaah, post them for the world to enjoy on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr from wherever you are.

What else will this little beauty do? It has integrated GPS to support turn by turn Navigation from Google Maps. This also means that you can geo-tag your photos. There’s a built-in MP3 player that supports just about any music format you’ll need. Go ahead and load up your music collection so you’ll have it on the go. While you’re at it, visit the Android Market and stock up on apps, widgets, games and ringtones.

Here’s something special. There’s even an FM radio built-in. You’ll need special headphones sold separately to listen to your favorite radio stations, but unlike Internet radio stations, you won’t be burning cellular minutes while you enjoy the over the air FM radio.

Your broadband connectivity is via 3G wireless for zippy download and streaming multi-media. While in range of a WiFi hotspot, use that instead of your cellular data allotment. You can also be the WiFi hotspot to provide your laptop computer or other WiFi device with Internet access when there is no other hotspot nearby.

It’s Android, it’s got performance features, it’s compact and, best of all, it’s free. This phone is widely touted as an entry-level Android smartphone, but once you get it you may decide that this one does everything you’ll ever need. Give it to yourself this year or give it to someone you love, perhaps on a shared minutes family plan. Learn more and get your HTC Wildfire S White for T-Mobile Android smartphone for free, while they last. Other smartphones are also available free or at deep discounts.

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