Friday, November 04, 2011

Is Mobility Killing Your Company?

Everything was fine when just a handful of execs had company cell phones. It made sense to keep them connected at all times for the good of the business. Then a funny thing happened. What worked for the C-level execs also worked for the VPs and the directors and the department managers. Finally, somebody did a trade study and soon everyone had a company issued smartphone. Productivity went through the roof, right?

The wireless cost savings are in there for the taking...Well, certainly there is a lot more interaction among team members and faster response to customers and sales prospects. But, oh, the expense of it all. Since this was a phased-in process, each location cut its own deal with its own preferred provider. Even if one carrier is predominant, there are hundreds of contracts with hundreds of bills. Sadly, some of these bill are routinely paid each month while the phones sit uncharged and unused in empty desks. Hey, people come and go. Who has time to stay on top of all this?

Certainly, you don’t. Your business isn’t optimizing wireless accounts. It’s keeping your own operation afloat. That doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless. Why don’t you turn over the entire load of hundreds of phones, their contracts and their bills to a company that specializes in wireless cost control? It’ll be out of your hair and you are almost guaranteed to save money in the process.

The first step is getting a free, no-obligation analysis of your accounts. The company that does this, Advantix Solutions, will go over a few months or more of detailed wireless bills with a fine tooth comb. They know what to look for and how to keep an eye on the big picture. Are some of these resources going to waste? Are there ways to consolidate contracts and bills? They don’t do this by hand, the way your harried managers probably do when they have time. They use proprietary analysis software to crunch the numbers and make accurate recommendations for cost savings. You’ll need to have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of cell phones to make this work efficiently, but work it will.

You’ll get a detailed report in 7 to 10 business days. It will outline where the problem areas are and what the opportunities are to optimize your wireless costs. What you probably don’t realize is that every provider has both published and hidden rate plans. You may well be on the wrong ones for how you use your devices. A few changes here and there and, suddenly, you are paying less for the same benefit.

OK, how much are you going to save and what’s this going to cost? Would you be shocked to know that the average Advantix clients saves over 29% on their monthly wireless bills? That’s without having to change service providers and reduce usage. Here comes another shock. Advantix gets paid out of the savings they create. In other words, they get paid and you get paid. Your expenses don’t go up, they go down.

That’s just the start of the good times. Advantix will also take the management headache of administering those wireless phones off your back. They’ll expedite support and trouble ticket resolution for all your employees. They’ll also raise accountability standards for every location to lower your costs. Need to order new phones, replace old, lost or stolen phones, get accessories, activate new services, change rate plans or user names, or cancel lines of service? Advantix has a dedicated support staff for that. They know what they’re doing and they’re good at it because that is all they do.

Mobility is no longer a two-edged sword when you have the proper support to make it work optimally. It’s pretty hard to go wrong when the cost of this service comes out of the savings you didn’t even know were available. Can you really say no to having your expenses go down? I didn’t think so. Before you do anything else, lock in a cost savings for your company right now by requesting a free, no obligation analysis of your wireless accounts. Get that ball rolling, and you’re already ahead for the day.

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