Friday, April 20, 2012

Put Some Sanity Back In Your Email

How are you doing with your email? Is it a loving relationship? Oh, sorry about that. For the amount of time you two spend staring into each other’s eyes, it seems like you should go together like a horse and carriage. Oh, a horse and road apple? That’s not so good.

sanebox,spam filterEmail is the abuse we just can’t live without. In the beginning it was the greatest thing ever. Perhaps even love at first sight. Somehow, over the years, it just got to be too much. At first, everything was important. Now it’s hard to even find anything important in that spewing stream of yakity yak yak.

Well, there are solutions... kinda. Spam filtering does some good but many a scam still sneaks through. Worse, something valuable, like a bill due notice, can wind up in spam jail and you’ll never find it before you’re headed to real jail. So, you’ve got to scan the spam constantly to make sure nothing has been wrongly diverted.

There’s always dumping the old email and starting over with a new email. That’s really desperation. When it gets to the point that only 1 out of 100 emails are fit to read, you’re justified in abandoning your email box in-place and starting over with a new address. What a pain that is! All your important contacts know your old email address. You get to spend days updating every subscription and account you want to keep.

How about prioritization? Even if you can beat the spam down to a dull roar, you still have the issue of over-popularity. Everybody wants you and they want your attention right this minute. How can you get anything done when the bulk of the day is spent sorting through the in-box?

My personal solution has been to have multiple email solutions and reserve one account only for those very, very special people and bank alerts. Newsletters come in somewhere else. Website mail goes yet elsewhere. This helps, but there are days when a guy could really use an assistant.

Well, now there’s just such an assistant available. It’s called the SaneBox. You know, sane as in sanity. The idea is to have an automated someone go through your email as it comes in and decide what to do with it. The really important stuff that needs immediate attention stays in your in-box where you’ll see it. Anything that can wait a couple of hours goes to another folder called SaneLater. SaneBox will send you a periodic summary to let you know what’s in the later folder so you won’t forget about it completely.

Ever send an email and realize weeks later that you never got a reply? That’s rough when you are trying to close new business or make appointments. SaneBox lets you CC a tickler file so that you’ll get a reminder of unanswered email in an hour, day, week or whatever.

How about subscriptions that refuse to unsubscribe or pestigating pests that just won’t go away with any level of hostility? Drag them into the SaneBlackHole and you’ll never hear from them again. They may have been stretched out to infinity or shot through to an alternate universe. Matters not. They won’t be bothering you again.

SaneBox is a new and clever way to manage the inboxes you have now with your current email services. It’s free to try, so why not give it a go? Start your free SaneBox trial with no credit card required. If you can’t live without it or at least realize that it pays for itself in time saved, then pony up the price of a latte and keep this handy gal or guy “friday” working for you full time.

Get more information and start your free trial now.

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