Thursday, March 06, 2008

How Broadband Bonding is Mushrooming

Bandwidth hungry companies now have a mouth watering new approach to increasing their WAN capacity. It's a TRUFFLE from Mushroom Networks, Inc.

Just what makes this TRUFFLE appetizing? it has the capability of aggregating the bandwidth of multiple broadband connections to make one bigger, more reliable pipe. That seems to sound a lot like T1 line bonding. What's different is that this device can bond just about anything you've got. Gather up your DSL, Cable, T1 and satellite lines. Plug up to 6 of them into the TRUFFLE BBNA6401 and it combines their bandwidth to give you download speeds up to 50 Mbps.

The Mushroom Networks approach is to create bonding at the network layer using IP-based protocols. Traditional pair bonding approaches require all lines to be the same type and from the same provider. You order the amount of bandwidth you want and the carrier takes care of bonding enough T1 lines to give it to you. The implementation is pretty much transparent to the user because the carrier provides the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) to bond the lines and deliver a single network interface to the user.

In contrast, the TRUFFLE is a piece of hardware that you buy and manage. You don't need to coordinate with your network service providers. This device simply connects to multiple broadband modems and manages the bandwidth pool. It has the smarts to divvy up a download request into pieces and request only a portion of the total file size from each broadband connection. It gathers the responses and reassembles the file before passing it on to your network.

Mushroom Networks suggests various scenarios that would benefit from aggregating the bandwidth of similar or diverse broadband connections. The obvious way is to combine multiple T1 or DSL lines to create a larger composite line speed. This could improve service reliability if the connections are from different providers with wires in different binder pairs or a combination of terrestrial and satellite services. Another suggestion is to add a DSL line to augment an integrated T1 telephone and Internet connection. When the T1 line is busy with many phone conversations, the DSL line can improve Internet performance to the computer users on the network.

Mushroom Networks' TRUFFLE is a clever solution to the ever-increasing need for higher and higher levels of business grade bandwidth by small to medium size companies. You may have more options that you think, with the recent Metro Ethernet and lower prices on T1 and DS3 connections. Check bandwidth options for your business location now.

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