Thursday, August 14, 2008

Smoothstone IP Communications offers Polished VoIP

Smaller businesses don't generally spend a lot of time designing and managing their telecommunications systems. It's often takes just a few desk phones, a broadband Internet service, and perhaps a low-end VoIP service to get rolling. It's something the owner or office manager can handle as needed. But smaller businesses have a way of becoming bigger businesses. One day it suddenly becomes apparent that communications is getting to be a challenge among the dozens of employees and multiple locations. It's hard to get through to anybody, and employees often find themselves apologizing to clients for the poor connection quality. It's time for what's politely called a "fork lift upgrade."

You might be scratching your head right now if you haven't heard this term before, especially if your company doesn't even own a fork lift. What it means is ripping out the old system and bringing in a new one. In larger companies, the obsolete PBX equipment is truly so large and heavy that only a fork lift will get it out the door. That's where the term originated.

But do you really want to go renting a fork lift truck and trying to figure out what to buy and where to put it? I'll guess not. By the time most companies get 50 to 100 phones on the premises, they're pretty much forced into finding a Value Added Reseller who will subcontract the phone and data systems and/or establishing a dedicated position of business phone manager. This position expands into one or two departments as the company continues to grow.

Is there any way to avoid the spiraling cost and staffing levels that come with a successful business operation? There didn't used to be, but there is now. A managed services company will take on the complexity of your voice & data needs and provide a total solution, rather than a piecemeal collection of various equipment and telecom connections.

Smoothstone IP Communications is a provider who has taken the concept of managed telecom services to a higher level. What sets this company apart if that they handle voice and data, single location and multi-site operations, hardware and services.

The real core of their operation is their core network. This is a nationwide MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) private network. The beauty of an MPLS network is that it supports both the newer IP and the traditional TDM technologies. Unlike trying to transport your important business calls across the free-for-all that is the public Internet, Smoothstone operates a private MPLS network that implements the QoS or Quality of Service controls to ensure consistently high performance.

Smoothstone also takes care of the equipment, using Cisco gear exclusively, to actively manage everything from the desk phones to routers, firewalls, secure encryption, PC-based messaging, Web collaboration, and conference calling. Tying all this together in a system scaled for the size of your business is what's meant by a "managed solution." Very polished, indeed.

If you company is starting to suffer growing pains, relief is nearby. Let our team of expert consultants introduce you to Smoothstone's and other high quality voice and data solutions by submitting a quick request at Enterprise VoIP.

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