Friday, December 12, 2008

From Here to Samsung Eternity

Outside the building, winter winds are howling and snow is piling up. But right in front of my eyes the surf is pounding on the shores of Hawaii. There, on the beach, a young couple frolics in the waves. Wow, if I could just step through this screen and flop on the sand myself. It looks real, but it's really just a TV picture. Even so, I think the temperature in here just went up a few degrees. The power of suggestion has never been stronger than what I'm seeing on this little screen that I'm holding up to block the winterscape out the window.

Ah, such is the power of video anywhere. You no longer need to be in the moment, miserable as it might be. Bored waiting for an appointment? Check the latest breaking news or stock reports. Stuck on the bus for the indefinite future? Watch a little comedy or a reality show. That's possible now on your mobile TV set that just also happens to be a cell phone. Not just video clips, mind you. Full length TV shows in real time. The service is AT&T's MediaFLO Live TV and the player is the amazing Samsung Eternity A867 Black.

The Samsung Eternity offers a slim touchscreen experience, just a half-inch thin in a sleek black package. The face of the unit is dominated by the 3.2 inch color main display that offers touchscreen control using the TouchWiz user interface. You touch the screen and you feel a small vibration to let you know you've made an entry. An accelerometer detects whether you are holding the phone in portrait or landscape mode and adjusts the display automatically. Your dial pad is on the screen, as is a full QWERTY keyboard in landscape mode that offers decent size keys for texting and URL entry. A full HTML web browser is included.

The Samsung Eternity is a true multimedia phone that supports both mobile television and videos. It also sports a 3.2 Megapixel digital camera with smile detection and a panorama mode. Switch to video capture and you can use it as a camcorder in a variety of formats. Send and receive picture and video messages as well as text messages and email.

The music player in the Eternity supports MP3, AAC and other popular music formats with playlists. The Bluetooth A2DP and AVRC profiles are supported, in addition to a standard Bluetooth telephone headset for handsfree operation. That means you can also stream stereo music to compatible devices in your car or at home.

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