Tuesday, December 02, 2008

More Bandwidth, Less Money

What does every business want employees to provide? Higher productivity. The usual quip is "do more with less." Well, how would you like to really get more for less? You can do that with bandwidth. You get more Mbps from your WAN connection and pay less. Sound interesting?

I'll limit this discussion to WAN or Wide Area Network bandwidth, although it can easily apply to LAN or local networks as well. If you want to explore possible cost savings for your in-house networks, take advantage of the VAR Network to locate contractors in your area that have this expertise.

So, how is it possible to get more bandwidth for less money? Conventional wisdom is that the more Mbps you use, the more you pay. That's still true as a rule. But what makes you think you have the optimum solution now? Chances are you are paying more than you need to under your current contracts. Once you see what you may be missing out on, you'll have a tough decision to make. Either pay less for your current bandwidth usage or pay the same and get a higher bandwidth level.

The first thing that you may be missing out on is a true competitive marketplace for your communications services business. Many companies simply call the local telco or check the Yellow Pages to find somebody that can hook them up for voice and data line service. That will get you up and running, but the chances that you are getting the optimum pricing are unlikely.

What's a better way? Use a telecommunications broker like Telarus, Inc. to research the available options for your location and get you the best deal. You can access this service by calling a toll free number or using the GeoQuote (tm) online search tool available at T1 Rex. This service is available at no cost for companies with a valid business address and telephone number in the United States. What will Telarus do that you can't? They'll access a dozen or more competitive carries and get you an list of competitive quotes prioritized by lease price. They'll also work with you to better define your requirements if need be.

You know yourself that having a dozen offers to choose from is better than having just one place to shop - especially when that provider knows they are the only game in town. Well, they may not be the only carrier that services an area but perhaps the easiest one to find.

Here's another thing you may be missing out on. There are newer bandwidth services available that might not have been offered in your area even a year ago. Two that come to mind are Wireless Fixed Internet access and Metro Ethernet. The Wireless offering is an alternative to DSL for smaller businesses and is available in most business locations. Metro Ethernet offers high bandwidths for less cost per Mbps that competing services such as DS3 or SONET fiber optic. If your requirements are under 50 Mbps, you may be able to get EoC or Ethernet over Copper transport that doesn't require the expense of new fiber installation.

So how do you find out whether these new options or others may save you a bundle? Once again, just use the GeoQuote (tm) online search tool. Some types of services will give you an instant price online. Others need a little more investigation, but you'll soon get a reply from a friendly Telarus consultant. Chances are, you'll soon be enjoying more bandwidth for less money.

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