Thursday, January 08, 2009

Prepaid Business Calling Controls Phone Expense

Your telephone expenses are out of control and getting worse. In boom times you can pretty much let employees make whatever calls they want, wherever they want, and talk as long as they feel like. But not now. This year you have to get a grip on calling activities and get the best rates possible for domestic and international calls.

TEL3Business has just the tools you need to manage fixed and mobile business telephone calls. Their approach is a combination of technology and rates that give managers what they need to get more for their telephone dollars. Here are some surprising features that you may not have known were available to business users.

First, TEL3Business works with both landline phones, such as the standard desk set, and cell phones. This is significant as more and more telecommunication goes wireless. But you can't just implement a wireless solution or you leave out the significant amount of business activity transacted on office phones.

Second, this is prepaid phone service. Instead of getting a bill every month and the shock of finding out how far out of budget you are again, TEL3Business begins with a prepaid account that can be set up for manual or automatic recharging. Moreover, you can give every employee their own user account with a set limit. Then you know what your maximum charges can be.

Third, this solution is not a new phone system. It is a management system that works with your current suite of telephone equipment. VoIP telephony is often presented as a way to get new telephone features. But if you are happy with your phone system operation and quality now, there is no need to tear out everything and install an expensive new VoIP phone system. By implementing TEL3Business, you can get the management tools you need to maintain tight control of telephone expenses.

Fourth, you'll pay less for long distance calls and especially international long distance calls with the TEL3Business service.Your USA calls are 3 cents per minute from the contiguous states. Go ahead and call those numbers in Canada. The rate is 2.14 cents per minute. Doing business in the U.K. You'll pay just 2.7 cents per minute to call there. How about your operations in China? Relax. The calling rate is a mere 2.14 cents per minute.

These international rates are even better than you'll get with many prepaid calling cards. Plus, cards can be a pain. There are all sorts of hidden fees and you have to enter long access codes and pin numbers before you can even make a call. None of that is true with TEL3Business. You set up your accounts and phone numbers using a Web based management tool. There is a software application you download to mobile phones to enable them to use the system. After that, it gets really easy... and cheap.

There's no hardware or software to purchase. You don't even need to change your current phone carrier. Use this service for all your calls or just those expensive international conversations.

Does this sound like a valuable service for your business? If so, learn more and sign up for a TEL3 Business solution now.

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