Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get Paid to Take a Cell Phone

You'd like a new cell phone, but the type you want is going to set you back a hundred bucks in the store. Guess you'll just have to stick with what you have now, right? Why do that when you can get paid $100 to take a new cell phone instead of having to shell out that same amount?

Just a second. Get paid to take a new cell phone? That's not how it works. You may get a discount, if you are lucky, but you've got to pay something to get any kind of decent phone. Right?


It's more about where you buy your phone rather than what type of phone you want. Granted, some of the very latest high technology smartphones are in high demand and do command a premium. But you'd be surprised how many cell phones you can get that are free. Note: at the time of this writing some phones even offered money back rebates, but those promotions have now expired

Skip the retail experience and get your next cell phone and wireless service plan online. You find 24/7 shopping at the convenience of your Web browser. You can browse to your heart's content without some nosy sales person trying to hustle you along. One you've made a decision, select your preferred service plan and complete your order in a matter of minutes. Your phone will be quickly sent to you ready to use, with free shipping in most cases.

What are the hottest cell phone deals available right now, including free cell phones? Use the Cell Phone Plan Finder to check out the top phones and associated wireless service plans.

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