Thursday, March 26, 2009

$2 Toll Free Numbers Help Professionals Go Independent

At this point in the economic malaise, many talented individuals are giving serious consideration to disconnecting from the corporate environment and going independent. It's a big decision to cut that umbilical cord to one's employer, but there are tools available that can help you leap the abyss to self-employment. One of those is an almost unbelievably inexpensive toll free service that lets you operate free as a bird.

Here's the situation. Those who decide to strike out on their own are often operating out of a limited home office space and are typically on the go much of their day. This is especially true for those selling a service, such as real estate or insurance, or technical professionals acting as consultants on-site. The question is how do you make sure that customers and potential clients can reach you no matter where you are? How can you conduct business on the go with only your cell phone and laptop computer?

Most importantly for anyone just starting out or trying to get their feet wet by moonlighting before they commit to the independent lifestyle is the matter of cost. You want to keep as much money in the bank as you can as a safety fund. It's often hard to know how fast your business will spin up and when the cash flow will begin in earnest. So rather than go out and spend a bundle committing to new equipment and support services, why not spend a bare minimum on a pay as you go basis? Pay next to nothing while you are getting started and only modestly more as your business and income grows.

This is the design of the Kall8 Toll Free Service system. You pick a toll free number, which in most cases is going to cost you a measly $2 to capture. That number is assigned to you for as long as you maintain it. You print it on your business card and flyers as the only number clients need. You make sure that business prospects know they can call you toll free anytime and even send fax documents to that number.

Maintaining your toll free number is also a low cost experience. You pay $2 per month to keep that number assigned to you. You don't pay anything else until you start getting calls. Then it's just 6.9 cents per minute for calls from the contiguous U.S. states. Of course, anyone who calls that number is going to be well worth your while to talk to. After all, they are your business clients and prospects, right?

What you get for a couple of dollars a month plus calls is a complete mobile office communications system. From your online control panel, you can decide where your toll free number will ring. Planning to be in the home office for awhile? Set it to ring to your landline. Going to be in the car or at customer's sites? Set it to ring to your cell phone. Change it from any Internet connected computer as you wish.

Of course, if you can't take the call at all it will go to voice mail. But this is very special voice mail. Your incoming call will be recorded, translated to a audio file and sent to your email if you wish. The same is true for FAX messages. Just tell anyone who wants to get a fax to you to send it to your toll free number. The FAX will be accepted and converted to an email attachment that you can pick up from your computer when it's convenient. Voicemail to email and FAX to email are often expensive add-on services, but Kall8 includes them with your toll free service.

Consulting engineers, contract technicians, recruiters, crafters, artists, Realtors and sales people in all fields have found low cost toll free service to be just the tool they need to maximize their ability to communicate with important business clients.

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