Friday, March 13, 2009

The LG Versa-tile Phone

LG has finally addressed the dichotomy between wanting all the advantages of a touchscreen phone and craving an actual physical keyboard. Their answer is to give you both in one cell phone. It's the aptly named LG Versa VX9600 and versatile it really is.

LG Versa with keyboard attached.Take this phone out of the box and it looks like many of the popular touchscreen phones that users are snatching up right and left. But look again and you'll see an extra accessory that comes with no other phone. It's a detachable QWERTY keyboard. This is an actual physical keyboard about the same size as the phone, but mounted in a case that can be attached or detached from the main phone body.

Now you have a choice. You can use the Versa in its standalone mode with a virtual keyboard. Or attach the physical keyboard, that also functions as a protective case, and power text to your heart's content.

Here's the best part. The keyboard is not an accessory that you have to order or pay for separately. It's included with the phone, along with the battery, USB/wall charger, user guide and stylus.

The LG Versa is a powerful cellphone that connects to the Verizon Wireless EVDO-Rev A broadband cellular network for 3G data speeds. While 310 MB of memory is onboard, you can easily expand it with up to a 16 GB microSD card. That's a LOT of memory for digital photos, videos, and music. The digital camera in the Versa has a resolution of 2.0 Megapixels with auto-focus, flash, and edit tools. Resolution is good enough to print or share with friends via multimedia messaging.

Internet access is built-in with a full HTML Web browser, touch navigation, bookmarks and high speed downloads. The email client supports VZW Mobile email, POP3 and corporate email w/ SYNC software. Instant messaging is also built-in.

GPS services support lets you get turn by turn directions using the optional VZ Navigator service. There are 3 customizable home pages so you can have your favorite features, contacts and apps right at your fingertips.

Other cool features include a built-in music player that lets you create new playlists and download new music anywhere. The headphone jack is a standard 2.5 mm. Stereo and standard Bluetooth wireless is included. A Verizon service called Chaperone helps you track your child's whereabouts, if you want to add this capability.

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