Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Get 300 Free Minutes With a Net10 Phone

You may have heard of Net10 as the company that charges you a flat rate of 10 cents per minute for cellular service. That's it. No contracts, no delving into your credit record, no humiliating turn-downs because you don't "qualify". You buy an inexpensive Net10 cell phone. You charge it up with minutes. You reload minutes as you go. Pretty simple, right? Now it's an even sweeter deal as Net10 will give you 300 free minutes and 60 days service when you buy any Net10 phone.

Did I mention the free shipping? That's included too.

Net10 isn't for everyone. If you need an iPhone or BlackBerry connectivity, you won't find it here. Net10 serves people who want good basic cell phone service and they want it cheap with no strings. That's where the idea of 10 cents per minute arose. In essence, it's pay as you go. When you don't want it anymore, just stop adding minutes and your service will expire. Nobody is coming for you to try to squeeze out a cancellation fee. There's none of that with Net10.

Perhaps you're not so sure about those prepaid phones that make you go to the store and buy refill cards all the time. You have that option with Net10. But there are also lots of other ways to keep your phone charged with airtime. You can simply order more right from your phone when you are running low. Or make a phone call. Or use the Net10 Web site.

Or, better yet, sign up for one of the automatic payment programs. The most basic one charges your credit card $15 every month. For that you get 150 minutes good for local or long distance calling. There are no roaming fees with Net10. Each month, you'll pay another $15 and get another 150 minutes plus 30 days of continued service. Gee. That sounds something like a regular cellular program. Yes, except that you never signed a contract so you aren't stuck in it for 2 years. Did you also notice that the price is $15 a month? Name a conventional cell phone company that offers a contract for $15 a month.

Who needs a program with only 150 minutes a month? Probably most people. If you think I'm kidding, then keep a log of your calls for the next month. Add up the minutes you actually use the phone. Many, many of us carry cell phones for peace of mind in case an emergency occurs and the occasional need to call home or make an appointment. For a mere $15 a month you've got yourself a really nice emergency phone. In fact, this might be a good choice for the kids. Voice calls are 10 cents a minute. Text messages are 5 cents each.

By the way, you do know that your minutes roll over as long as you keep your service active? They do. But if you happen to be a big talker and go through all your minutes every month, you have two choices. Buy extra minutes at the same 10 cents per minute (no gouging for overages) or go with a larger plan. Say, 250 minutes for $25 a month. Or get 400 Minutes for $40 a month, about the same price as you pay for contracted cell phone plans. There's also a new Unlimited Plan that's available in many areas. Call or text all you want for $79.98 a month.

So there it is. Now you can see why Net10 service is so popular at just 10 cents a minute. But it's likely to get even more popular with the special 300 minutes and 60 days of service FREE when you buy a Net10 phone. Don't wait too long to take advantage of this offer. It could expire at any time.

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