Monday, April 20, 2009

NobelCom Offers Cheap Prepaid Phone Cards

Why use prepaid phone cards? To save money, of course. Not just a little bit of money, mind you. These are for saving a LOT of money, especially on international phone calls.

Let's say you need to make a personal or business call to China. How much is that going to cost, do you suppose? You may be flinching at the thought of paying a dollar or more per minute or even, say, 25 cents a minute. Well, how would you like to be paying 1.1 cent per minute?

Get excellent rates on prepaid calling cards now.What? That can't be right, can it? Just over a penny a minute to call China? Yes, that's the current best price using the Hello China prepaid phone card from NobelCom. This isn't some ripoff deal, like some of the cards you may have gotten stuck with in convenience stores. The Hello China card is highly rated and does not charge a connection fee. Watch out for that on other cards!

Now there are some things you should know to maximize the number of minutes you'll get from this and other prepaid calling cards. You pay $20 for this card and get 1,816 calling minutes. You'll want to call one of NobelCom's local numbers to get that rate. A surcharge of 1 cent per minute is charged if you need to call their toll free number to connect. That's still just over 2 cents per minute. Also, you'll get the most minutes with this card if you make one really long call or a number of shorter calls right after you get the card. There's a 99 cent maintenance fee per week. Choose a card that has no maintenance fee if you expect to be calling many times over the course of a year.

Do you have to call from the United States? For this particular card, yes. But you can pick other cards that let you call from just about any country to any other country at low rates. The best U.K. to China card rate happens to be 2.7 cents per minute at this time.

Some other popular destinations from the U.S. include Afghanistan for 10.9 cents per minute or to Iraq for 4.4 cents per minute. You can call Mexico as low as 1.8 cents per minute or Germany for 1.3 cents per minute. These are the rates available as of this writing.

Well, you get the idea. The calling rate with NobelCom International Calling Cards is typically a small fraction of what you'll pay with your regular long distance service. Plus, you can use these cards for travel. Can't do that with the office or home long distance service.

Have some place in mind that you'd like to call and pay less than you have been? Then get all the details and the latest rates on Phone Cards and International Calling Cards from NobelCom.

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