Monday, May 25, 2009

Daddy Wants a BlackBerry

Father's Day is fast approaching. What do you suppose he wants? Could it be a nice new tie? One of those automotive "gift" sets? No, I think what Dad's been longing for is a high technology business and personal BlackBerry device. So this year, be bold. Give him a BlackBerry Bold. Shhh. Don't let him know you got it for a huge online discount.

The BlackBerry Bold is as powerful as it is attractive. With sleek black styling, it looks like it's ready for business. Oh, it is. This BlackBerry's email client offers the amazing BlackBerry "push" email that will integrate with up to 10 accounts. It supports VPN, POP3, IMAP, & SMTP, with a spell checker onboard. The BlackBerry Messenger is also preloaded for instant messaging.

What about Internet access? He'll have full HTML Web browsing available with one touch access and BlackBerry Maps support. The GPS receiver is part of the circuitry. Wouldn't want Dad getting lost, would we?

Speed will be no issue. This BlackBerry runs on the AT&T 3G data network and has connectivity for WiFi hotspots for blazing fast downloads. It's also a world phone, with access to all 4 GSM cellular bands. Have dad take it with him on those international business trips.

The huge color display, with 480 x 320 pixels, sets this BlackBerry apart from earlier devices. That comes in handy for viewing the print quality photos he can take and share with the built-in 2 Megapixel digital camera. Some high resolution family photos would be nice, right?

Just below the color display is a backlit full QWERTY keyboard. Yes, this is the mechanical version and not a touchscreen. BlackBerry aficionados will be up to speed messaging in no time.

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